R U L E S    A N D    R E G U L A T I O N S
(updated 8 Sep 2004)

  • ONLY advertisements are allowed on the Buy/Sell section. Neither discussion nor comments are allowed.

  • All advertisements MUST include CONTACT INFORMATION. The inclusion of PRICE and CONDITION is STRONGLY advised. (This is to facilitate quick hassle-free transactions. This definitely helps to sell your item faster.)

  • No multiple postings of same item. (This applies to everyone.) If you have alot of items to sell, please use discretion and avoid cluttering the board.

  • Use of multiple nicks is forbidden.

  • No advertisements of website URLs, or that of un-related products!

  • Dealers are NOT allowed to post multiple posts. This is to avoid cluttering the board. You are allowed only 1 single post per day, which must state your your origins as a dealer. eg. "DEALER X: Used Gear for sale".

  • The primary objective of this board is to make it easy for forumers to trade used items between one another. Please respect this objective.

  • The Echo Loft reserves the right to ban any member, edit/remove any post, if it is deemed necessary.

the Echo Loft