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  « e88cc, e188cc, cca, 6922, 7308, ecc88, 6dj8(new) »
November 24th, 2020, 5:57am
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   e88cc, e188cc, cca, 6922, 7308, ecc88, 6dj8(new)
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e88cc, e188cc, cca, 6922, 7308, ecc88, 6dj8(new)
« on: August 22nd, 2018, 3:09pm »

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amperex US made 6922 e88cc 7308 e188cc cca 6dj8 ecc88gold pin good pair--$60
test results--76/75, 77/78
http://s1076.photobucket.com/user/llczxjlpolsy/library/amperex%2 0US%20made%206922%20gold%20pin%20good%20pair?sort=3&page=1
the test results are test good that should last for years at a bargain price

This is a nice Amperex made, Ultra low noise, matched triode sections, heavily plated gold pins.  Save big with this type over the costly 7308.

telefunken e188cc e88cc cca ecc88 7308 6922 6dj8 diamond bottom strong pair--$380
test results--92/92,92/94
http://s1076.photobucket.com/user/llczxjlpolsy/library/telefunke n%20e188cc%20diamond%20bottom%20strong%20pair?sort=3&page=1
The Telefunken E188CC / 7308 is an uprated e88cc/6922. Designed to be shock and vibration resistant, this tube should last you 10,000+ hours. This is a super awesome sounding tube with incredible resolution and presence.

telefunken e88cc 6922 e188cc 7308 gold pin nos diamond bottom new old stock(nos)--$320
test results-92/93,93/94
http://s1076.photobucket.com/user/llczxjlpolsy/library/telefunke n%20e88cc%206922%20e188cc%207308%20gold%20pin%20nos?sort=3&page=1
Ult ra low noise, have been rated by audiophiles as as good if not better than the famous Amperex 6922, the Cca, and rivalling the famed Amperex 7308 white label tubes! They are incredibly detailed for sure, hearing stuff in some recordings that didn't even know was there. Especially little nuances that really added to the performance.

philips miniwatts amperex SQ(special quality) e188cc e88cc ecc88 7308 6922 6dj8 holland hereen factory nos(new old stock) nib(new in box) single--$120
test results--98/96
Heerlen, Holland early 1960s made 7308 type tubes (Philips plant where Amperex Holland Bugle Boy tubes were made) similar to Telefunken or Siemens Cca but with a bit more midrange warmth. These have the grey sides and the large halo top getter that is most often sought after in this type of tube. These are the Amperex white PQ shield label type, or Philips SQ white shield label type.

valvo e188cc e88cc ecc88 red print single-$100
test results--100/100
http://www.echoloft.com/cgi-bin/buysell2/YaBB.pl?board=diybuysel l&action=modify&message=0&thread=1465882360
the very rare RED label from the 1960s. These are similiar to the Telefunken. Ultra low noise, thickly plated gold pins

mullard e188cc 6dj8 gold pin strong single nos--$90
test result--98/98
http://s1369.photobucket.com/user/wisonzxj/library/mullard%20e18 8cc%206dj8%20gold%20pin%20strong%20single%20nos?sort=3&page=1
another great 6dj8, ecc88 tube. they are equivalent to U.S made 7308, 6922

tubes are tested on tv-7 tube tester use by U.S army and airforce where minimum good for 6dj8, ecc88, e88cc is 62/62. strong start around 85/85

interest call/sms/watsapps/email--91454638-wilson/ wilsonzxjtube@gmail.com (overseas and local registered postage services are available)
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