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  « PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap.   »
March 5th, 2021, 6:04pm
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   PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap.  
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   Author  Topic: PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap.    


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PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap.  
« on: April 20th, 2020, 1:51pm »

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PSI Switzerland AVAA C20 ACTIVE Bass Trap.  Only PROVEN Bass Trap Solution Effective From 15Hz !

We are able to arrange lalamove courier delivery of the bass trap order during this period for online sales.  

https://www.mysoundaffairs.com/collections/psi-audio-avaa-active -bass-trap

Latest PSI Installation

[b]Customer feedback : the installation of the PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap really improving the sound clarity again 👍🏼  Feel like upgrade one of my audio equipment . Kevin.  

We have updated our website Gallery with some Actual PSI AVAA C20 users in Singapore.  This Gallery hope to provide potential users in SG with ideas on how effectively to place the bass traps.

https://www.mysoundaffairs.com/blogs/gallery/tagged/psi-avaa-bas strap

PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap 2019 Price : SGD$3800 Per Piece Fixed.  

See this Stereophile Review on the PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap by Legendary Studio Engineer Bob Katz ! https://www.stereophile.com/content/psi-audio-avaa-c20-electroni c-bass-trap

Prove in the Pie is in the Eating!  See the Actual Users install in 2019 !

Feedback : Hi James, Thanks for the loan for the PSI Active Bass Trap.  The Bass traps home trial is pure poison!  Hard not to have them in my living room after trying out.   The clean up and clarity in the bass after the bass trap improved the mids and highs performance and details!  Andy.

More infos : http://www.psiaudio.swiss/avaa-c20-active-bass-trap/

The PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap, besides helping to solve room Bass Boom / Hump issues, is also about clean and accurate bass, reducing the bass smearing effects and improving full range details and accuracy.  Being only effective from 15Hz to 150Hz, it does not absorb mid and high frequency like a traditional passive bass trap, which dampens and robs the music of live sound.  

Xtremeplace Forumer Discussion and ACTUAL USER MEASUREMENTS on the PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap!


Other Setups Benefiting from the PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Trap in SG !

Case Study 1.  Floorstander speakers in Small Room.

Customer using a pair of Penaudio floorstander in Typical small hifi room 3m x 4m.  Before using PSI active bass traps keeps having bass boom and poor bass texturing issues.  After installing 2 PSI AVAA Active bass traps (corner behind speakers), the Bass Boom issue is SOLVED ! With improved bass texturing and definition, so much better mid range and high frequency clarity as well!  

Case Study 2 Hifi setup in typical Living room.  90% of Hifi Kaki in SG will have this problem.  

Below is a typical living room hifi setup in Singapore.  On the left side of the setup is the closed end (wall or window).  While on the right side opens up to a dinner area or corridor.  This non-symmetrical setup cause bass issues as it bounces off the corner of the closed end, causing boom, bass muddiness and lost of details in mid/high due to smearing of the bass.  

We install the PSI active bass trap, 1 unit, into the closed end, behind the speakers.  

The result is so much better.  Bass Boom is reduced drastically and bass texturing improves dramatically too.  The clean up of the bass improves the mids, and highs as well, improving soundstage and PRaT.  Musical and energetic sound!  Best of all, unless Passive bass trap (which is very big for typical room nodes of 40hz to 60hz, and absorb mid/high frequencies and harmonics of music, giving a dead, dry, overdamped and lifeless sound), the PSI ACTIVE Bass Trap only works in Bass region (15hz till 150Hz only, with built in measurement mike), small in size (WAF !!) and does not absorb mid-high for natural sound!  Now customer can finally play way down deep with his big speakers!

Case study 3.  Dedicatedly built HIFI ROOM (BIG !) in landed Property using PSI Active Bass Trap to improve bass performance.

This customer has a dedicatedly built hifi room with huge dimensions.  Still benefit TREMENDOUSLY from PSI Active bass trap, that improves bass performance from 15Hz subsonic to 150Hz.  2 are installed at the corner of the room.  There is simply no passive solution for bass issues from 50hz down (most passive bass traps stops at 50hz range at best, and due to their absorptive materials, also suck up important mid range and high frequency, giving a dead sound).  After the installation of the bass traps, the customer feedback much improved clarity over the full range, much better bass texturing and details.  The vocals diction is so much clearer as well.  

Below are Other Actual Users of PSI AVAA C20 Active Bass Traps in Singapore.  In all cases, it trumps their existing bass improvement solutions!  The correct treatment of the bass removes bass smearing effect, improving mids and highs, increasing resolution, musicality and sound stage in the process!  Have to try to believe.  

“My review in Stereophile has been published in the June issue! I wish I had had more pages to describe the virtues of the AVAA. It’s amazing the precision, beauty, tightness and control of the bass in my mastering room, thanks to PSI Audio.” – Bob Katz, Legendary Studio Mastering Guru.  

If you are suffering from bass issues (bass/mid-bass boom, muddiness of bass, low quality of bass texture etc)  and wish for an elegant, high WAF, small sized and easy to use solution that is amazing effective, and DOES NOT affect mid-range and high frequency performance like conventional passive bass trap, this is it!

AVAA (Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber) works like an active bass trap and is the solution for room mode problems between 15 – 150 Hz.

Key points:
•The AVAA absorbs room modes between 15 and 150 Hz
•MUCH smaller in size and Better performance than passive bass trap that works between 15Hz and 150Hz
•Does not absorb mid and high frequency like passive bass traps, that over-damp the sound.  
•No setting are required only ON/OFF
•It can easily be moved into a different room

More Information : http://www.psiaudio.swiss/avaa-c20-active-bass-trap/

Contact Us for Showroom Demos or Home Demo Arrangements !

James Soh.  

Tel : 9694 9704. (11am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.  [u][b]Only by appointment basis.). [/b][/u]

Sound Affairs Pte Ltd
100 beach road, Shaw tower. #02-34.  S189702
Email : sales@mysoundaffairs.com


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