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After many requests over the years, we have finally gotten down to creating a new Hifi Buy and Sell section for Malaysia!
Malaysian hifi kakis, post your hifi items for sale today...:)

Visit the Echo Loft Buy/Sell Section today...

International Sound & Sight Exhibition 2011
(HiFi Show in Singapore)

The Hifi show is over... Hope we can see more exhibitors next year... :)

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The News!

HiFi related News and
Equipment Reviews
Here's a compilation of active Hifi sites for frequent surfing... Some are updated daily, others once every week or so... If you know of any good active sites that we missed out here, send the suggestions to jason.at.echoloft@gmail.com... Help build the Echo Loft! :)

Audiophile / HiFi / Audio - News from Google
Stereophile's News Desk
Enjoythemusic.com's News Desk
Web Equipment Reviews
TNT Audio News for the week
Web Equipment Reviews
News & Equipment Reviews
Web Equipment Reviews
News & Web Equipment Reviews
Web Equipment Reviews
Web Equipment & Music Reviews


Music - News from Google




the Echo Loft "Lounge" (a.k.a. "FORUM" in other places)
the Hifi & Music Forum
Many will ask... why "Lounge"? Well, you see... "Lounge" kinda fits in with the "Loft" theme (ya noe, like a big house with a lounge for members to yak, bitch, drink, fight, etc.)... Or perhaps the truth is that, we DO NOT know ourselves...

Join in the discussions at the Forum... but at the end of the day, don't forget to grab a beer, sit back, relax, and enjoy the music... :)

Post your Hifi Setup
We have a new section in the forum for you to list your hifi setups... You can also attach URLs to pictures of your setup... the whole idea of this section is not for showing off mega-buck setups, but rather to provide a useful reference for other forumers...

Hifi Journal

Articles are on backlog cos' the digicam is waterlogged... hehe... we are working on coming up with more "rubbish literature" for you to read...

Contributions from you!

Any juicy information, tweaks, etc. to share? Latest news? Want to contribute an article / link? You can always send an email to jason.at.echoloft@gmail.com... Of course, you can also always post it on the forum... :)

Any other local Hifi Dealer's websites?
Tell us!! So that we can compile a complete directory for them.
f o r u m s !
the Echo Loft Lounge
Our very own Hifi & Music Forums... running on our local server...
e C h O  L i n k s
Please help to build the hifi community here at the Echo Loft... You can help by recommending your fellow hifi buddies to this site...


Buy & Sell Regional World Singaporean
Used Audio & Hifi Equipment @ Echo Loft
SingNet Classifieds

I-Audio Classifieds


AudioFile & AV
HiFi Exchange
Profit Well
LST Audio Labs
THL Audio
Octave Electronics
nOrh Loudspeakers
RedGum Audio
Leda Resources Pte Ltd

Positive Feedback Online
TNT Audio
Audio Review
Stereo 411
Vacuum Tube Valley
Naunce & Fluence
AMG All Music


Audiophile 2000
Nothing But Jazz
PCS Homepage

YC's Hifi Pages
KH's Infidelity Page
The Classic HiFi Page
Guy's Hifi Page
Edwin's Homepage
Eric's Hifi Haven

AHF Art Audio (DIY / tube)
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