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  « How to Store Tools Horizontally Grass Trimmer »
February 28th, 2020, 5:29pm
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   How to Store Tools Horizontally Grass Trimmer
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   Author  Topic: How to Store Tools Horizontally Grass Trimmer  


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How to Store Tools Horizontally Grass Trimmer
« on: January 18th, 2017, 4:28pm »

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If you take your gardening seriously, you probably don't cut corners when buying hand tools, such a shovels, hoes and pruning tools. If you maintain garden tools properly, they can be kept for a long time. Maintaining your tools also keeps them free of harmful organisms, Battery Grass Trimmer and that's good for all the plants in your garden, too.

How to Store Tools Horizontally

Stack the two pieces of plywood together and clamp them so they won't move.

Measure and mark a line about 6 inches from one side of the plywood. This is the area you will use to fasten your tool hanger, so you don't want to drill any holes between the line and the edge of the plywood.

Use your drill and 1-inch bit to drill 6 or 8 holes through both pieces of plywood. By drilling through both pieces at once you'll ensure that the holes in the two pieces of wood will line up.

Choose two studs approximately 3 feet apart, then measure up about 5 feet and mark the spot.

Locate one piece of plywood on the mark and use wood screws to install it to the edges of the stud, then install the second piece on the second stud.

After installing both pieces you now have two pieces of plywood with aligned holes firmly attached to sides of studs in your garage.

Store your long-handled tools by sliding the handles through both pieces of plywood where they will be safely stored off the floor and out of the way.

Digging Tools

You should remove the soil away on your digging tools before you set them well -- you can usually do this by spraying them with a hose, but if you have to knock off heavy dirt and clay, do it with a screwdriver or a wooden stake. Dry the digging blade with a cloth -- never put it away wet -- and rub on a thin coat of mineral or motor oil to prevent rust.

Pruning Tools

You should use soap and water to clean the cutting blades to remove all plant material, and rub off resin and sap with a solvent that dissolves them -- preferably a 70 percent or higher concentration of isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol also disinfects the cutting blades; if you don't have any, use a household product that contains alcohol, such as mouthwash or disinfectant cleaner. You can also use chlorine bleach. Wipe the blades dry and oil them, then put a drop of penetrating oil on the nut that joins them to keep your shears or trimmers working smoothly.

Rust Control

There still exist plenty of dust however you do regular maintenance on your garden tools, particularly in humid conditions. The most effective way to control it is to physically remove it with sandpaper, steel wool or a wire brush. If you find a severely rusted tool in the back of your shed, immerse it in vinegar or lemon juice or rub it with a potato to help loosen rust. You can even do the job by brewing a pot of strong black tea.

Sharpening Your Tools

It's important to sharpen all your garden tools -- not just those you use for pruning. A sharp blade on your hoe or shovel improves its digging ability, which means less energy expenditure on your part. The number of times you sharpen the blades of a tool depends on how often you use it -- with regular usage, once every month or so is a good average.

Shovels and Hoes

Because you don't need to hone a knife edge on your digging tools, you can do the job with a 10-inch mill file, which is readily available at hardware stores. You should stroke the file along the bevel on the top of the blade in order to remove pits and gouges and generally clean the cutting edge when you clean the blade and remove rust. Turn the blade over and do the other side if it has a double bevel. Finish off by Battery Chainsaw and smoothing the edge and oiling the blade.



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