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  « Wilsonzxj ecc82 cv4003 m8136 12au7 tube »
June 6th, 2020, 7:35pm
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   Wilsonzxj ecc82 cv4003 m8136 12au7 tube
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   Author  Topic: Wilsonzxj ecc82 cv4003 m8136 12au7 tube  


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Wilsonzxj ecc82 cv4003 m8136 12au7 tube
« on: October 12th, 2019, 2:07pm »

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rare mazda 6189 12au7WA/H 12au7 3 mica grey plate 5 star France military strong pair--$130
test results--100/98, 102/100
Grey plates, and triple mica, with twin silver top getter supports. WAH 1960s French military tubes. Excellent, 1960s vintage long lived 12AU7 types with the distinct European vintage flavor that a modern tube just cannot capture! some of the best sounding 12au7 they gives. good tight bass, clean without losing the mid and organic, good detail and high

telefunken smooth plate ecc82 12au7 tektronix special selected tube stong pair--$150(sold)
test results 106/104, 108/107
these are special select tube for tektronic for same equipment those days, have better dynamic and quietier than average telefunken tubes

telefunken ecc82 12au7 smooth plate diamond bottom strong pair nos(new old stock) nib(new in box)--$130
test results--96/100, 100/100
http://s1076.photobucket.com/user/llczxjlpolsy/library/telefunke n%20ecc82%2012au7%20smooth%20plate%20diamond%20bottom?sort=3&page=1
t elefunken made one of the best 12au7, 12ax7, 12at7, you will not be disappointed.

tubes are tested on tv-7 tube tester use by U.S army and airforce where minimum good for 12au7, ecc82 is 56/56. strong start around 85/85

interest call--91454638-wilson/ wilsonzxjtube@gmail.com overseas and local registered postage services are available.
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