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January 23rd, 2020, 3:41am
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   Cheap NFL Jerseys
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I love YaBB 1 Gold!

Cheap NFL Jerseys
« on: December 2nd, 2017, 5:14pm »

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Performance advantage of JC series jaw crusher

Performance advantage of JC series jaw crusher

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All the Hongxing Machinery crusher are introduced from Germany advanced manufacturing technology, and successfully achieved a high wear resistance and long life of the equipment. Among which, JC series jaw crusher is the results of Hongxin machinery introducing the most advanced international crushing technology and research, relying on jaw crusher design and manufacturing experience, on the basis of a new generation of products, using the finite element analysis method. The crusher uses a special fixed rubber shock absorber, effectively absorb equipment vibration peak while allowing vertical and longitudinal direction of the displacement of the crusher, which reduces the impact on the foundation. Symmetrical V-shaped cavity design , large inclination of the bracket, large stroke, reasonable speed make bigger feed particle size, higher yields, more uniform particle size and lower jaw plate wear. Heavy movable jaw assembly with heavy-duty eccentric shaft forging, high-quality overloaded Rolling movable jaw body, the finite element software optimized ensure that the movable jaw assembly, impact resistance and high stability; labyrinth seals, Central lubrication system guarantees bearing grease free of contamination, lubrication is more convenient, which make it run longer, more stability.

New HCP hydraulic crusher is in the absorption of foreign advanced technology Cheap NFL Jerseys China , and optimized with the actual situation, the overall structure is simple, practical and reasonable without losing humane, while the cavity is bigger, better, under the same conditions, it improves production efficiency. Heavy rotor of the crusher is go though the finite element analysis with optimized design more rational structure and bigger moment of inertia, resulting in stronger crushing capacity and abrasion resistance. The product versatility is stronger, the two chambers broken equipment increase grinding planes without replacing other parts, so that it becomes three cavity broken equipment, reducing the users' secondary investment.

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