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  « brewers-ryan-braun-jersey »
January 26th, 2020, 5:14am
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I love YaBB 1 Gold!

« on: March 24th, 2018, 3:11pm »

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From Hafnarfjordur to the Blue Lagoon, more than 700 riders take part in the 20th annual Blue Lagoon Challenge on this sunshine weekend, on Saturday.

Soren Nissen, 30, from Denmark won the first place of men's group.

Expressing how he enjoyed the race and nature around here, Nissen said it is the biggest experience to come to see this kind of nature.

"Normally you don't see something like it looks like something from moon http://www.baseballbrewersprostore.com/hats/ , moon pictures, you know," Nissen said.

"You come to race like in the lava desert. It is really cool and I am so happy to be part of it here. In the race like today I could not go any better. I went to front row in the beginning. I could stay away from the rest of the part and it was a super day. In the end, I could take the win within a few minutes," he told Xinhua.

Meanwhile, proud of herself for winning the hard race this time, Maria Ogn Gudmundsdottir said it is the sixth time for her to win the first place of Women's group in the Blue Lagoon Challenge.

"It was a really hard race and I was so tired at the end. But I had a really great time and I did my best time and best time for women in this competition for ever. So I am so happy http://www.baseballbrewersprostore.com/t-shirts/ ," she told Xinhua.

The Blue Lagoon Challenge started with 12 people participated 20 years ago. However, it has so far become a popular event in Iceland.

As the organizer of the event, Albert Jakobsson, Chairman of Reykjavik Cycling club, described the Blue Lagoon Challenge as the best of the all events they have ever organized.

"we have organized many competitions in Iceland, but this one is the best one and everyone is waiting for this one every year. And this is the highlight of the year for me and many, many people here in Iceland in cycling http://www.baseballbrewersprostore.com/hoodie/ ," he told Xinhua.

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Manufactured in general with its two facets parallel, in most of the situations, its outer layer is enhanced with a special, antireflection coating http://www.baseballbrewersprostore.com/ , particularly when it targets the visible light. Alternatively, the window may have an edged construction. The materials behind this technology vary a lot and have specific properties. From BK7 and Fused Silica to Calcium Fluoride or Magnesium Fluoriate, plus Zinc Selenide, Sapphire, Germanium or Silicon, all these can serve as base for the tinny window.

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The list of technical features is considerably longer than that. You do not have to know them all, but rather to understand the main differences. For example, silicon is known to be quite effective in terms of transmission and to have a low density, nearly 50% lower than the one of Germanium http://www.baseballbrewersprostore.com/brewers-stephen-vogt-jers ey/ , which is quite an important feature in the world of optics. Moreover, they have a higher thermal conductivity and are more solid than their major opponent is.

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