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  « wts signal line cables coax rca etc »
September 24th, 2014, 6:21am
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   wts signal line cables coax rca etc
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   Author  Topic: wts signal line cables coax rca etc  


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wts signal line cables coax rca etc
« on: January 14th, 2013, 11:38pm »

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Please ask for free quote. Prices will vary as raw material cost changes along the years. Thank you
interested please feel free to contact me at gdstuff111@yahoo.com.sg
Hi all,
Over the many years and many many cables I've done here are some to share. All is possible. Prices vary with plugs and length and type of cables. All cables are terminated with WBT 4% silver solder and top quality plugs and passionate skills
Models available are:
PC1 PCOCC copper single core
PC2 PCOCC copper dual core
CXC1 - Coax pure copper single core
CXC2 - Coax pure copper single core
CXS4 Coax pure silver 4 cores
CXS2 Coax pure silver dual core
S2 RCA dual core pure silver
S4 RCA 4 core pure silver
S8 RCA 8 Core pure silver
SUB Pure copper sub cable
Many many more options
Interconnects and Coaxial cables
Various cable material
UPOCC/PCOCC material
Pure solid core silver
Pure solid core copper
Stranded copper ultra pure
Normal Coaxial cables
Plated silver teflon sleeved
silver gold cables
flat cables all brands
and many others...
Some people have selected or used their own plugs so here goes...
Recent special custom build (RCA extention):

Pure silver solid core with cardas silver plugs

PCOCC - gold locking plugs from japan

Pure silver solid core - Silver plugs

Blue sleeved canare plugs

Silver plugs - PCOCC cable

Ultra pure silver coaxial cable...hand made 0.5m

Standard cable GS6 i think

silver teflon coaxial and RCA cables

pure silver coaxial cable with Neutrik profi plugs -  this cable is only 0.2m show as example

Black sleeved

audio quest cable repaired




Nordost Blue heaven repairs and plug change

also another carbon tellurium copper rhodium plug pure silver ic:

Special build 10core pure silver and also another pcocc sub cable:

Another VERY special custom made pure copper solid core cable built with WBT RCA plugs...bloody plugs cost more than the copper cable. sound is amazing!

8core pure silver with hga pure silver core plugs silver point. top of the line

3.5mm to rca pure silver and copper types

quad silver with silver plugs

pure quad copper with WBT gold plugs

another one built with echinment bullet plugs....pure silver plugs AG version

here is a sample of one side. terminated with Cardas rhodium plugs. yet another product bearing the GDSTUFF stamp of approval ...hahaha
picture shows only 1 side

Another coaxial cable

1 pair of quad core with rhodium plugs. just completed.

XLR pure silver interconnects and another white pure copper 5N copper xlr1m interconnect for my next amps...yeah.

latest to add to the family
quad core pure silver with rhodium on silver plugs...this one is GOOOOD STUFF

3.5mm to rca 2m cable

0.5m with pcocc and silver plugs

another good stuff coaxial quad core pure silver that i dare to compete with any other coaxial cable from cd to dac etc....I heard and believed. i built this for myself. sounds and taste good...hahaha

bros...this is good stuff !!!
2.5m pure silver quad core ic with HGA rhodium LOK plugs. just completed for a bro here...the sound is simply amazing !!! I also did for him a AWG10 pure silver solid core speaker cable...after doing it I'm going to build one for myself...its worth the $ and effort. confirm win.

silver cables speaker

brand new 0.5m quad core pure silver coaxial cable for source/transport to dac.

new pcocc cable with canare plugs and another with aluminium body gold plugs

updated some quad core pure silver ic completed with the new stock of pure silver cables. looks good sounds good...

another blue blue cable...built...
1.5m pcocc cable with canare plugs

1. solid core pure copper with canaref10 plugs

2. pcocc with super solid gold plugs

3.pcocc with silver plugs...another one done...

just custom built another 0.2m pcocc rca with silver plugs for jumpering...nice

1m pair silver plugs and 1m coaxial cable. just completed yesterday.

one more pcocc cable with 'WBT' type locking plugs...just completed.

also another 5m pair pcocc cable with silver plugs...nice

latest update on pure silver and pcocc interconnect cable...

here is the latest one done yesterday:

one more set of 4x 0.6m interconnects jsut delivered...pcocc canare plugs done...

to answer enquiries on prices... here are some. thanks everyone.

interested please feel free to contact me at gdstuff111@yahoo.com.sg

Prices vary accordindly to plugs, material and specifications. All done with WBT 4% silver solder unless otherwise stated and spec-ed. all cable repairs and construction are available as per your request...enjoy.



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