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  « WTS Many Hifi Speaker cables (MWS) »
December 20th, 2014, 7:21am
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   WTS Many Hifi Speaker cables (MWS)
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   Author  Topic: WTS Many Hifi Speaker cables (MWS)  


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WTS Many Hifi Speaker cables (MWS)
« on: August 19th, 2013, 10:45am »

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Here is a short review of the speaker cables. MWS SERIES 8.

When I received the cables, first of all, they are really well made cables. Workmanship is first rate. Looks like a pair of factory terminated cables.

I would say that the cables are very transparent. The differences between good and not so good recordings are easily heard. Closed miked vocals. spaces around the vocals and instruments, the amount of reverb used in the recordings, clearing of saliva from the vocal's lips, all can be heard after changing to this pair of speaker cables. When I recently modded my DAC, I could hear what the mod does. From a more two dimensioned, highfi-ish sound to a three dimensional sound. I could also hear the difference when changing from using my laptop playing lossless files to a cd player as a transport. For the price, it is really a no brainer pair of speaker cables.

From Bro Jonxxxxx aka grpxxxxx

A New Series of MWS Speaker cables has been released. the MWS Series 8 speaker cables. Feel free to contact me for more information. gdstuff111@yahoo.com.sg

I also have Western electric speaker cables for a super nice warm and full bodied sound for your enjoyment and listening pleasure

also available in bi-wire configurations

http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=84737.msg60341 7#msg603417
new additions. 4 pairs built for bi wiring for a bro...

below are mws1000 cables temporary out of stock

some special MWS 1000 jumpers

special 8 core cable termination for linkwitz speaker

new terminations and repairs...vandehul and tara labs

more cables done. audioquest midnight...termination

some speaker jumpers and new cables using MWS1000 cable

attached are some new pics of some cables done and some internals of the cable...pure copper...nice and red.

From the last 2 post on RCA and Power cables, there were numerous enquiries on speakers cables and I felt terrible not being able to provide the best speaker cable for my customers like what i did for my power cable the MWS Ophidian 9 and MWS Ophidian 3, hence I looked more in-depth into speaker cable and searched everywhere for the best cable at the most afforadable price...

I tried:


copper OFHC
Pure silver
OCC copper
Plated sliver
Silver gold
Braided, stranded, solid core and many others

some of the many brands i've tried: Nordost, MIT, Kimber, Acrolink, HGA, Belden,814, Canare etc...

my conclusion, solution and choice is the MWS1000 and MWS Series 8 speaker cables

These cables are a very very special cable which i discovered. the magic of this cable is the deeeeeeepppp bass extensions yet good focus,,,and super high resolutions and details!!! the very weight of the cable will make you trust its highest quality and acoustics it can provide...I heard it myself and believed.

thanks...contact me at gdstuff111@yahoo.com.sg if you are interested...thanks

cable will come in lengths of 1.5m/2m/2.5 and 3m pairs...anything longer will be subject to availability. prices vary with length and plugs.

Also available are the MWS Series 8 Speaker cables for your selection.
Some more pics of other builds and repairs

Enjoy the music, From MWS (Music With Sound)

GoodStuff APPROVED!!!



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