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  « 21st MO: Furukawa Electric Company 4N Pure Silver »
May 28th, 2024, 2:25am
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   21st MO: Furukawa Electric Company 4N Pure Silver
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   Author  Topic: 21st MO: Furukawa Electric Company 4N Pure Silver  


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Cable termination and repair services for a reasonable fee. Whatsapp Larry at 98805223.

21st MO: Furukawa Electric Company 4N Pure Silver
« on: March 31st, 2019, 3:55pm »

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Most audiophiles and hifi enthusiasts already know pure silver is one of the best electrical conductors - it has 6% higher conductivity than ordinary copper ones of identical dimensions, but costs much more. But wait… silver cables cost more? Not anymore.

I am conducting the 20th mass order for Furukawa Electric 99.99% (4N) pure silver interconnect cables. Furukawa Electric is one of the leading manufacturers of superconductors in the world.

MO will close Sunday, 8th April 2019 at 6pm (Last order at 5pm). All payments are to be paid in full.

I accept payment prior to ordering via PayNow (transfer to +65 98805223 or scan the QR code below), POSB/DBS/UOB/OCBC ATM transfer, Internet Banking transfer or DBS PayLah!/OCBC Pay Anyone. International buyers may use PayPal (add 3.9% + SGD0.50 to the final total). Interested buyers please SMS/WhatsApp to me at 98805223. (Please provide your name. Do not call or SMS after 11pm and before 7am)

PayNow QR code scan

All items listed are strictly sold through mass order ONLY. I do not have overstock.

Delivery of goods takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

I offer 2 methods of collection and delivery. They are:

1. Self-collect at my block in Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 (weekday after 9pm or Sunday afternoon), or
2. Via courier service. Flat rate of SGD 10 for up to 10kg delivery within mainland Singapore.


Sound characteristics (after 300+ hours burn-in): Expansive depth and resolution of the most minute details appear from an absolutely silent background. Instruments and voices remain tightly focused within a soundscape that defines the boundaries of the original stage itself. Smooth, clean and excellent detail retrieval without sounding etched like many silver cables. Tight, punchy and extended lows. A very natural tonal balance combined with a 3-dimensional soundstage with razorsharp, pinpoint stereo-imaging. Fast pace and rhythm. Female vocal is sweet and full-bodied without being too weighty or muddy. Slightly forward sounding. Very musical sounding cable. Several users remarked this cable is very similar to Kimber Kable KCAG (US$1080/meter for unbalanced).

Suitable for: vocal, classical, jazz, blues, ballads, oldies, folk, country, contemporary, soft rock, acoustics and pop, etc.

Here are the prices:

Stereo RCA - to - Stereo RCA (unbalanced)

IMPORTANT: This cable CANNOT be used as phono cable for turntable.

1 meter pair – SGD 70
1.5 meters pair – SGD 80
2 meters pair – SGD 90

Stereo XLR - to - Stereo XLR (balanced)

1 meter pair – SGD 80
1.5 meters pair – SGD 90
2 meters pair – SGD 100

Stereo XLR - to - Stereo RCA (unbalanced) - Please specify either male or female XLR connectors

1 meter pair – SGD 75
1.5 meters pair – SGD 85
2 meters pair – SGD 95

Stereo 3.5 mm phone jack - to - Stereo RCA (unbalanced)

1 meter Y-pair – SGD 55
1.5 meters Y-pair – SGD 65
2 meters Y-pair – SGD 75

Stereo 3.5 mm phone jack - to - Stereo 3.5 mm phone jack (unbalanced)

1 meter – SGD 45
1.5 meters – SGD 55
2 meters – SGD 65


All Furukawa Electric cables are terminated and capacitance-matched for optimum sound quality in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The connectors used are from either from Taiwan or China. These cables are individually hand-soldered using either Siltech or Cardas lead-free 4% silver solder to ensure optimum connection and contact.

Stereo RCA unbalanced

Stereo XLR balanced

Stereo 3.5 mm phone jack unbalanced

ALL cables are tested before I distribute them.


XSYMPHONY by Furukawa : 99.999% (5N) PC-OCC or 99.99% (4N) pure silver 24 AWG Litz custom headphone/earphone cable

99.999% (5N) PC-OCC Litz headphone/earphone cable

99.99% (4N) pure silver Litz headphone/earphone cable

Sound characteristics for 4N PC-OCC cable (after 150+ hours burn-in): A combination of exceptional clarity, dynamics, fluidity, texture and transparency. Gives a wide, spacious soundstage, depth and air. Overall, a very balanced and congenial cable that will match any pair of transducers in your possession easily. The main differences between PC-OCC and pure silver are improved speed, dynamics and smoothness.

Please call or WhatsApp for price

To give you a rough idea of what to expect, this customer wanted a PC-OCC cable for his Ultimate Ears earphone, using Viablue 3.5mm jack. Cable length is 1.2m. Nothing fancy. His price is SGD 85.
If he uses 4N pure silver cable, the price will be doubled (approximately).

Available in MMCX, 0.78mm 2-pin, 4-pin balanced XLR, 6.35mm, 4.4mm (balanced), 3.5mm and 2.5mm (balanced).

French Xsymphony cables are designed in Switzerland, and made in Taiwan by Neotech using Furukawa PC-OCC casting Japanese technology. Headphone and earphone cable will be assembled in Hong Kong SAR by Wildism Audio and shipped to you in Singapore - a truly international affair!


Furukawa Electric PCOCC-A (Pure Copper Ohno Continuous Cast Type A) Power Cable with IEC C15/C16 Coupler to American NEMA Grounded Plug

Sound characteristics (after 150+ hours burn-in): Midrange is sweet, transparent and bodied. Bass is strong and punchy. Overall, the sound is vivid and detailed. Soundstage widen, well-layered and three dimensional. Background is significantly quieter and darker. A high-performance power cord at exceptional value.

1.5 meters  – SGD 80
3.0 meters  – SGD 150
5.0 meters  – SGD 250

Add SGD 8 for hospital grade MK 13 ampere BS 1363 (UK) grounded plug

Audiophile-grade 24K gold-plated NEMA (US) grounded plug

12 AWG PCOCC-A 99.99% pure copper multistrand cores and shield


Audiophile-grade 4N OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) USB Cable with USB-A to USB-B Connectors*

Ever since Belkin stopped manufacturing shorter lengths of their Gold Series USB A to B cable (which was a Stereophile recommended component), I have been sourcing for an alternative. That was about 2 years ago and since then I have tested more than 20 so-called "audiophile-grade" USB cables - both high and low-end. None of them meet my criteria until now... Thanks to my supplier, he was able to help me source for this extraordinary USB cable from Japan after I told him what I want. This is the same exact cable used in Curious USB cables.  

Sound characteristics (after 150+ hours burn-in): The first thing apparent is the expanded and holographic soundstage. Much improved stereo imaging, details and depth. Tonally balanced and transparent. Bass tight, precise and textured. Midrange is neutral and bodied, not overly-warm or lackluster like many I have tried. Treble is pristine, open and lively. Background is exceptionally clean, quiet and opaque (NOTE: I don't use an USB noise filter such as iFi iPurifier2) thanks to the double shield with 100% coverage and double drain wire architecture. SEPARATE data/power sections and high-quality dielectrics eliminate crosstalk and electromagnetic interference.

1.0 meter  – SGD 30
1.5 meters  – SGD 40
3.0 meters  – SGD 80

*USB cable with Micro-USB, Mini-USB, USB Type C and Apple Lightning connectors are available in 10 cm (for portable audio devices), 50 cm, 1.0 meter, 1.5 meters and 3.0 meters. 6N PCOCC-A copper cable. Contact me for price.

Taiwan-made audiophile-grade 24K gold-plated USB-A connector

Taiwan-made audiophile-grade 24K gold-plated USB-B connector

Inner-beauty! - Four 20 AWG conductors with two individual shields and drain wires

[Photos: KopiOkaya]




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