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  « BTO: Teradak Balanced and Linear Power Supply »
May 23rd, 2024, 8:14am
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   BTO: Teradak Balanced and Linear Power Supply
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   Author  Topic: BTO: Teradak Balanced and Linear Power Supply  


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BTO: Teradak Balanced and Linear Power Supply
« on: April 8th, 2019, 8:46am »

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BTO, or Build-To-Order, does not apply to housing only. hifi equipment can be BTO as well, such as balanced and linear DC power supply units (PSUs). I have always been an advocate of clean and stable power for a long time. Electricity equates to blood in a human body. With clean and untainted blood, comes a healthy body. Hifi is no different.

For the past one year or so, I have been trying and testing various makes of balanced and linear PSUs. I have to say although all of them advertised the very same functions and purposes, every PSU gives different results and outcome. As usual, higher price does not mean better sound. In fact, some of the more expensive PSUs contribute minimal or no improvement to the sound.

Among all the PSUs which I have tried and tested, Teradak PSUs give the most optimum results at a very reasonable price point. I do not just own one Teradak PSU, I have 5 currently - 4 BTOs, 1 off-the-catalogue.

The results - clean, stable, quiet DC power that enhanced my audio equipment. Background darkened. Sonic harshness and glare eliminated. Better dynamics. Overall, music fluidity improved with body and dimensions. Vocal stands out and becomes more prominent and three-dimensional.

By the way HERE is Teradak's very simple website.

I have been given the task of the official reseller of Teradak products in Singapore. However, Teradak already has an authorized agent in Hong Kong called "kamkam0770". He sells his PSUs worldwide through his eBay store. All his PSUs are off-the-catalogue (meaning you get what you see). I was told by Teradak not to direct conflict with his HK agent. Therefore, I do it different here in Singapore. I will accept both build-to-order (BTO) and off-the-catalogue orders. I firmly believe different audiophile has different needs and your specifications may vary from another. This is when BTO comes in. I can help you build that "ideal" PSU to match your equipment and listening preferences. It is a PSU tailor-made just for you!

Why go to someone who just sells when you can go to someone who builds.



Where can I use a balanced or linear PSU?
Many hifi equipment these days uses a AC-DC adapter or "wall-wart". A balanced or linear PSU is to replace it. Here are some of the devices which you may want to replace their stock adapters:

  • Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)
  • Music streamer or Internet radio
  • PC, laptop, MacBook or Mac Mini
  • Digital Audio Player (DAP)
  • Headphone amplifier
  • Turntable
  • Phono stage
  • Class D or Class T amplifier
  • Active speakers
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • Digital filter (for example: iFi iPurifier 2)
  • IPTV or video streamer (for example: Android media streamer)
  • Network Array Storage (NAS)
  • Internet WiFi router
  • Ethernet switch
  • And more...

I am ready to "BTO" a DC power supply unit, how can I order?
First of all, you will have to contact me in person. You either call, SMS or WhatsApp to me at 98805223 (Please provide your name. Do not call or message after 11pm and before 7am).

Before we proceed, I need a few details from you...

1. The brand and model of the hifi equipment that you plan to use the PSU (for example: Lumin D1)
2. Photos of the DC input connector at the rear of your equipment
3. Photos of the stock AC-DC adapter or "wall-wart" (do include the connector and the label with voltage and ampere ratings)

How can I customize my power supply?
Customization is based on your purpose, budget, listening preferences and expectations.

Purpose :  On which device do you intend to use the PSU?
Budget :  How much are you willing to spend? Give me a rough figure.
Listening preferences :  The genres of music you normally listen (for example: rock, pop, jazz, classical, etc...)
Expectations :  What you hope or plan to achieve? (for example: My Lumin D1 lacks details, I hope to achieve better music resolution and clarity... )

Can I customize a battery-powered linear power supply?
Yes, but a maximum of 5 volts 2 ampere output is allowed due to shipping regulations. Any higher power will require a license which I do not have.  

What are the differences between Teradak and other PSUs?
The main differences are performance, safety and protection. Every Teradak PSU comes standard with a EMI filter to block high frequency noise and comes equipped with an oversized mains transformer. Most of their PSUs are of Class A design for ultra-low noise, high-accuracy, dedicated discrete regulated DC output possible. Teradak puts safety and protection in top priority, therefore they implement highly-effective overload, over-current and short circuit protection circuits in all their PSU with shunt regulators in every  critical stages.

What are the choices of components and how much?
Your choices of components will determine the final cost of your PSU. The more 'high-end" the components, the higher the price. Let me list some of the component brands Teradak offers:

Transformers :   Simon Tuned (Taiwan), Noratel (Norway), Talema (Ireland), Block (Germany), Sedlbauer (Germany), Plitron (Canada), Tamura (Japan), Noguchi (Japan), Softon (Japan) and YHDC (China)

Capacitors :  Mundorf (Germany), Vishay-BC Philips (Germany-Holland), KEMET-Evox Rifa (USA-Sweden), Siemens-EPCOS (Germany-Japan), Wima (Germany), Jantzen (Denmark), Solen (France), Panasonic (Japan), Nippon Chemi-Con (Japan), Nichicon (Japan) and Elna (Japan)

Transistors and Diodes :  Motorola (USA), Fairchild (USA), Linear Technology (USA), ON Electric (USA), Vishay (Germany), NXP-Philips (Holland), Sanken (Japan), Toshiba (Japan) and Hitachi (Japan)

Resistors :  Vishay-Dale (USA-Germany), Bourns (USA) and Noble (Japan)

Wires, cables and connectors :  Oyaide (Japan), Furutech / Furukawa (Japan), Prysmian (UK), Wattgate (USA), Hubbell (USA), Schurter (Switzerland), Molex (USA), TE Connectivity (Swiss-USA), Neotech (Taiwan) and Foxconn (Taiwan)

Fuses : Schurter (Switzerland), Aucharm (China), Vintage Audio (Taiwan), Eaton-Bussmann (USA) and Littelfuse (USA)

As I have mentioned earlier, the better the components, the higher the price. Contact me for a price quote.

How do I know the price I must pay?
Once you have given me the relevant details, I will email Teradak for a price quote. They will reply me with a final price. The final price will include - labour, parts and components, international shipping charges and GST.

What are the modes of payment?
I accept payment prior to ordering via PayNow (transfer to +65 98805223), POSB/DBS/UOB/OCBC ATM transfer, Internet Banking transfer or DBS PayLah!/OCBC Pay Anyone. International buyers may use PayPal (add 3.9% + SGD0.50 to the final total).

How soon can I receive my PSU?
Once payment is made, the turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. Specialized parts and components, may take longer to manufacture. ATX PSU will take up to 8-12 weeks

Will they test my PSU before shipping?
Of course they will! Every PSU Teradak makes undergo a thorough 72 hours ageing and stability tests. Rest assured your PSU will arrive in tip-top working condition.

Is there a warranty?
If something does happen, Teradak offers 12 months warranty on all products. However, warranty DOES NOT cover components, parts and shipping costs (if servicing is required), owner's misuse, abuse, modification, short circuit, accident or Act of God.

Where are Teradak PSUs made?
All Teradak PSUs are made in Huizhou, Guangdong, China. The owner, Mr Hu is a really nice fellow. Very patient guy!

How long has Teradak been in business? Are they a reputable company?
Teradak has been in business since 2005. It is a very small company. Teradak has been selling through their eBay store for years. Now, Mr Hu wants me to offer his PSUs directly to the audiophiles in Singapore.

Larry, you have been doing mass orders all along, why do BTO now?
Like I have mentioned before, different audiophile have different needs and preferences. I do not want to offer a "one-all" / cookie-cutter solution to everybody. This defeats the purpose of personal enjoyment. After using Teradak PSUs for some time, I noticed the sound varies with different configurations. I would like to offer this benefit and advantage to all audiophiles.

Err... I am not ready for BTO, can I buy off-the-catalogue?
Of course you can! I can give you the best recommendations to suit your budget.

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