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  « FS: LFD DAC V (SE) MkII [Last Unit] »
May 24th, 2024, 1:04pm
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   FS: LFD DAC V (SE) MkII [Last Unit]
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   Author  Topic: FS: LFD DAC V (SE) MkII [Last Unit]  
LFD Audio


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I love LFD!

FS: LFD DAC V (SE) MkII [Last Unit]
« on: April 8th, 2019, 10:30am »

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Price: SGD $4,880 [1 Year Warranty]

All LFD products are Made in England & individually handcrafted by Dr Richard Bews. Not mass produced.

Enquiries: nine-7-6—five-0-one-3-6

Following the success & critically acclaimed LFD DAC III some years ago & the DAC V (SE) 5 years ago, LFD has launched new the DAC V (SE) MkII. By the way, there’s no DAC IV. Based on the Burr Brown 1798 DAC & CS 8416 Input Receiver chips, it can support up to 24-bit/192kHz PCM audio via SPDIF. The latest LFD DAC V (SE) MkII supports the following four digital inputs: Toslink, SPDIF (RCA), BNC & AES/EBU (Balanced XLR) and a pair of single ended RCA analogue outputs. If computer audio via USB is used, an USB-to-SPDIF converter can be used. USB needs to be asynchronous.

“TRUE – it’s taken a while (20 years!), but at last we’ve got it, the successor to the more than legendary and until now unsurpassed DAC III from LFD. Anyone who knows the LFD DAC III and has heard its sound quality will agree that it was a highly exceptional product, able to convert digital signals to analogue as no other. Until now, we’ve not been able to find any CD player or DAC whatsoever that approaches what the DAC III had to offer. Dr. Bews has had to pull out all the stops to match his ‘old’ design, but he’s finally done it! And now we’ve got the DAC V. You can pretty well forget just about everything you’ve already heard these last years about even very expensive CD players. We’ve even listened to players in the €22,000 category – this LFD beats them all.”

“The sound of the new LFD DAC V (SE) MkII is just incredible! I’m so glad to have kept my collection of CDs. It’s so analogue sounding & I’ve never heard any DAC that sound so close to vinyl but with the added advantages without the annoying static noise & the hissing sound. There is so much texture, great details & sounds so so natural!” T. C. Yeo, Singapore

“The new LFD DAC V (SE) MkII is the best DAC I’ve ever owned in my 3 decades in this hobby! The only DAC which comes close to the sound of the LFD DAC V (SE) MkII that I have heard cost 3 times more! Great sound & great value!” K. C. Chan, Malaysia

“Enough of worn out vinyl! Enough of worn out cartridges! I’ve spent so much in this hobby & I’d enough of buying new LPs to replace my worn out or damaged LPs! I’d enough of changing so many cartridges! Enough is enough! At last I found a digital source which can match the sound of vinyl & more! You have to hear the LFD DAC V yourself to believe what I mean!” Jason, Singapore



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