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  « FS: Used Whest REFV Mk4 and others [pic/price] »
May 27th, 2024, 9:30am
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   FS: Used Whest REFV Mk4 and others [pic/price]
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   Author  Topic: FS: Used Whest REFV Mk4 and others [pic/price]  


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FS: Used Whest REFV Mk4 and others [pic/price]
« on: April 26th, 2019, 5:35pm »

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Below are the used/trade-in/consigned/ex-demo quality gears. Every piece has been checked for its working condition.† As much as I try to put words to describe its condition, it is best you give me a call should you be interested in any. Call Chee at 65-82010233 to discuss. All local sales in cash or Nets†only and overseas deals are welcome.
Overseas customers to note:
Payment†strictly via bank transfer only. NO Western Union or credit card. Latter constraints due to the huge admin work involved. Shipping is separate. Due to some equipment may come to us without box and packaging,†we may ask for a handling†fee should that be necessary esp. shipping via†post†office.

1. Whest REF V Mk4 phono stage (240V)

This is the flagship, mono channel phono stage from Whest, a dedicated phono stage maker from UK. This is a local set from our customer who has switched to an all-tube setup. A pair of matching whest power cords 1.5m (US plug) comes with this set. Condition is all round excellent! New set retails at S$18,000.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S9500 (cash and carry)

2. JPS Superconductor+ 6ft speaker cable (New Old Stock)

This is an unused pair of bi-wired high-end speaker cables from US. This pair of cables are of all spare connections, with the speakerís side bi-wired. An original sheet of user instruction is included. The outer protective plastic cover comes included. New set retails at S$1600.
Condition: 10/10
Asking price: S$900 (cash and carry)

3. Rogue Audio Sphinx Hybrid 100w Amplifier (240V)

This is the original Sphinx (version 1) integrated amplifier. We are letting go this showroom unit as Sphinx has been upgraded to version 2.  Sphinx is our top selling integrated amp for its very high performance for its asking price.
Comes with original heavy metal remote control but without box or manual.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: S$1250 (cash and carry)

4. PLiXiR Elite BDC 12V 6 Amp (240V)
This DC power supply is especially made for analogue equipment requiring 12V DC power. Many turntable brands like Clearaudio, Funk Firm, Bergmann are powered by 12V DC. By upgrading your normal wall wart power to a dedicated one like PLiXiR Elite BDC would immediately darkened the background, widened your soundstage and improves bass energy and detail.  
No box but comes with 2.1mm connector DC umbilical cord.
New set retails at $950.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $650 (cash and carry)

5. Furutech LineFlux 1.2m RCA interconnect
High-end genuine interconnects from Japan. Near-mint.
Comes with original box. New set retails at $1800.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $900 (cash and carry)

6. Tannoy EATON speakers (vintage)

Vintage Tannoy loudspeakers (made in UK) in great condition and singing beautifully. Cabinets and original protective grill show signs of normal use but without deep  scratches.
View to appreciate.
2 way 8O 87.5db
W350◊H520◊D250mm and weighs 14kg each
Condition: 8/10
Asking price: $1200 (cash and carry)

7. Acoustic Revive RR-888

The current version of the low frequency generator RR-888 with substantially less noise and rich sound. Comes with original AC adapter. This used unit does not come with box or manual.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $640 (cash and carry)

8. Acrolink 7N-A2070 II 1m XLR

This is the latest stressfree interconnect from Acrolink (Japan), an improvement over the previous model in transparency, dynamics and resolution. This used unit does not come with box or manual.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $820 (cash and carry)

9. Rega IOS Reference phono stage

Rega previous top model MC phono stage.  Separate MC input for RCA and XLR with a wide range of on-the-fly adjustments. Comes with original box, Rega RCA and Rega power cord (UK-IEC). Total weight with original wooden crate box is 25kg. This baby needs 2 person to lift.
Condition: 9/10
Asking price: $4200 (cash and carry)
Thank you for reading!



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