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  « 8th MO: L Cao Audio LC200 Integrated Tube Amp 240V »
May 19th, 2024, 8:28pm
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   8th MO: L Cao Audio LC200 Integrated Tube Amp 240V
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   Author  Topic: 8th MO: L Cao Audio LC200 Integrated Tube Amp 240V  


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8th MO: L Cao Audio LC200 Integrated Tube Amp 240V
« on: May 21st, 2019, 3:22pm »

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I am conducting the 8th mass order for L Cao Audio LC200 integrated tube amplifier 240 volts for local use. Many Chinese tube amps that are rated at 220 volts run hot, thus shorten lifespan of tubes when used with our mains. LC200 has a small footprint roughly the size of a shoe box, which makes an ideal secondary audio system for desktop, office, bedroom, studio apartment and dormitory. Although only rated at 9 watts RMS, LC200 is powerful enough to drive demanding speakers such as the 11 ohms BBC LS35/A mini monitors (to drive 15 ohms LS35/A, modifications to the output transformers is required).

Many budget tube amplifiers I have heard share a common problem - they sound more like solid state than tube! LC200 is the most "tube-sounding" budget tube amp I have heard so far. Its sound signature is detailed yet unfatiguing, with unparalleled midrange qualities and finesse that matches more expensive tube amps. Vocal is full-bodied, lush and vivid. Bass is full, clear and rhythmic. Treble is extended, clean and open. Overall presentation is balanced yet vibrant, refined yet musical, with excellent timbral spatial separation between instruments and artistes.


About L Cao Audio
Many audiophiles may probably have heard or experienced L Cao Audio products before. Yes, it is the same company that manufactures the well-known magnetic field-coil fullrange loudspeaker drivers. L Cao Audio is one of the pioneers in Chinese hifi industry. The company was established in 1998. Following the trend of Western Electric and Lowther, they manufactured China's first magnetic field-coil loudspeaker drivers in 2009. It received many good reviews from foreign media. L Cao Audio also produces a complete range of direct-heated tube amps which are gaining popularity among tube-loving audiophiles in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

L Cao Audio is very, very small company with only 3 full-time employees (all of them electronics graduates). Every amp is made to order and hand-assemble by either of the staff. It normally takes a few days to assemble, run-in and test each amp. Please be very patient with your order.


Price is SGD 400 per unit, includes Singapore islandwide delivery.

Spare tubes set

Chinese - consists of 6S6 x 4, 6N1 x 1 and 6N2 x 1 (all matched and tested) - SGD 30

Russian - consists of 6Э6П-E (6S6) x 4, 6H1N-EB (6N1) x 1 and 6H2N-EB (6N2) x 1 (all matched and tested) - SGD 60

Best of both worlds - consists of Russian 6Э6П-E (6S6) x 4, Chinese 6N1 x 1 and Chinese 6N2 x 1 (all matched and tested) - SGD 45

[I don't carry stock for spare tubes. Do order in advance if you need an extra set]

Closing date is Sunday, 9th June 2019 at 6pm (Last order at 5pm). All payments must be received by then.

I accept payment prior to ordering via PayNow, POSB/DBS/UOB/OCBC ATM transfer, Internet Banking transfer or DBS PayLah!/OCBC Pay Anyone. International buyers may use PayPal (add 3.9% + SGD0.50 to the final total). Interested buyers please SMS/WhatsApp to me at 98805223. (Please provide your name. Do not call or SMS after 11pm and before 7am)

Item is strictly sold through mass order ONLY. I do not have overstock.

It takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks from order to collection of goods.

[Read these before you order]

For delivery, I will need your full name, address, secondary phone number and preferred delivery time.

Warranty is NOT offered to units sold outside China but I will try my best to assure that all units are in working condition before delivery. Owner pays shipping cost if unit needs factory servicing.



Inputs:  2 pairs unbalanced via RCA
Ouputs: 1 pair speaker outputs via 5-way binding post
Stock tubes:  Chinese 6S6 x 4, Chinese 6N2 x 1 (switchable to accept 12AX7) and Chinese 6N1 x 1 (switchable to accept 12AU7)
Topology:  Class A push-pull
Power output:  9W RMS per channel into 8 ohms, 16W RMS per channel into 4 ohms
Signal-to-noise ratio:  >85dB
Input sensitivity:  <500mV
Output impedance:  4 ohms or 8 ohms (switchable)
Frequency response:  20Hz - 20KHz (-0.5dB, 1W)
Mains supply:  240V at 50Hz (Singapore edition)
Power consumption:  75W
Dimension:  (W) 19.5 cm x (H) 16 cm x (D) 31 cm
Weight:  7.5 kg (unit only), 9 kg (packed)


Please note I am offering the 240 volts version in this MO. Photo shows 220 volts Chinese domestic model.

[All photos and diagrams are used with permission from L Cao Audio]


Read the testimonies:

"This amp is very good. It produces 3D images so real." - Charlie Cheah


"An exceptional value for such a great sounding amp. It rivals my Cayin which costs 5 times..." - Benjamin Ho


"Only 9 watts but able to drive my 85dB ATC SCM11 with ease and grace... Very happy with this purchase." - Michael Phoon


"I compared LC200 with my friend's LM518IA driving a pair of Tannoy Revolution XT6. They look like David and Goliath side by side. Sound-wise, although the 518 is more powerful and detailed but lacks musicality and fluidity. Each amp has its strengths and weaknesses but I prefer the LC200 overall. Very satisfied with the purchase. Thank you Larry!" - Anthony Chiang


"Very nice-sounding amp! I use it in my office to play Spotify music. Speakers are a pair of Fostex 3-inch fullrange. A perfect companion at work." - Eric Goh


- Mr Pang (from Malaysia) driving his 15 ohms LS35/A speakers


"Wow! The mids are noticeably emphasized when paired with Monitor Audio GS10 (which can sound bright). Tonal accuracy is highly impressive even with stock tubes. Bass response is beefy, warm and deep. I truly believe that LC200 is one of the most impressive performers when it comes to mids and vocals, and when you take price into consideration - that is when it becomes really admirable." - Edwin Tan


- Mr Lee KL driving his ProAc mini-monitors

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