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  « Items for sale-Wilson Audio,Tannoy,Conrad Johnson »
April 25th, 2024, 11:14pm
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   Items for sale-Wilson Audio,Tannoy,Conrad Johnson
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Items for sale-Wilson Audio,Tannoy,Conrad Johnson
« on: October 13th, 2020, 12:39pm »

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Items for sale
Contact me at 93829668. Thank you.

Wilson Audio Watt Puppy 5.1 Speakers - $7000

Tannoy Cheviot Speakers - $2800
The current new Tannoy Cheviot reissue model is selling at $9299

Conrad Johnson PV-10AL Tube preamp - $1000

Denon DCD-2560AL Special Limited Edition Cd Player - $750
With RCA and XLR analogue outputs and digital out
New Pick up Laser Lens

Totem Hawk Speakers - $1800

Monitor Audio Gold Signature 20 Speakers - $1800
Rosewood finish

Musical Fidelity A3.2 CD Player with remote - $1000

Threshold T-400 Pure Class A 150w/c Power Amplifier -$3500
Made in USA

Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home Speakers - $2500
walnut wood

Tannoy Westminister Royal Speakers - $25000
1 Owner
Good working condition

Airtight ATM-3 Tube Monoblocks
Airtight ATC-2 Tube Preamplifier
1 Owner. Good condition.

Meridian 508.24 Cd player - $2500
A famous cd player that is used as a reference cd player
Quad 77 CD Player Quad 77 Integrated Amp - $1600

Krell KAV-400XI Integrated amplifier - $2600
200w/c. One of the last batches that is still Made in USA

McIntosh MC2500 Power Amplifier -500w/c Sold & McIntosh MQ107 $1000 Equalizer Available

Currently now on Demo
Krell KAV-250CD - $1600
Classe DR-7 Top Model preamp & Classe DR-8 Power Amplifier $4500
Thiel CS6 Speakers $5000

Krell KAV-250CD - $1600

Proac Response 1S Speakers - $1200

Stello CDT Cd Transport - sold
Stello DA100 Signature DAC - $900
Stello HP100 Preamp - sold
Stello S100 PowerAmp - sold

DynAudio Audience 122 Speakers with original boxes - $1200
DynAudio Audience 72 Speakers Sold

DynAudio Audience C120+ Center Speaker - $500

Isophon Enigma speakers - $2200

Bozak B4000 Symphony Vintage Speakers (1960s) - $3000

EAR 859 Tube Integrated Amplifier - $1800

Tannoy Cheviot speakers - $2500

Accuphase T-109 Tuner with remote and manual Sold
Accuphase DP-65 Cd Player with remote and manual Sold
Jadis Defy 7 Power Amplifier Sold
Jadis DPL Pre Amplifier Sold
JBL S2600 Speakers - $3000
Marble Stone Platform (3 Pieces) - Sold
Power Wedge 214P Power Conditioner Sold
Aural Symphonics Missing Link Power Conditioner Sold
Kimber 8TC Bi-wire Speaker Cables Sold

Krell FPB300 Power Amp Krell KCT Preamp Sold
Krell KRC Preamp - $3500
Audio Research VS110 Power Amp - $3800
Audio Research Reference 1 Preamp Sold
Adcom GFA5500 Power Amp Adcome GFP555 Preamp - $1350
Adcom GFA5800 Power Amp - $1200
Viola Symphony Power Amp - $10000
Jeff Roland Consonance Preamp - $2500
Audio Note ANJ Speakers Sold
Eminent Technology LFT-3 Speakers - $8800

Acoustic Energy AE2 Speakers - $2200

Musical Fidelity XA-1 Integrated Amplifier - $580

Jadis Defy 30 Integrated Amplifier - $3000

Alon 2 floorstanding Speakers - $1400

MBL C11 Preamplifier - $5000

Revel Concerta B120 Subwoofer - $800

Onix Reference 1 Speakers (Gloss Bird Eye Maple Finish) - $1200

Krell KSA150 Power Amp and KSL Preamp Set - $4500

JBL L200 Speakers (Horn tweeter and 15 inch woofer) - $5800
TS Audio 100TH tube monoblocks - $5800
TS Audio KC-1 Preamplifier - $1800

Cary SL-100 Preamplifier - $1400
Few months old. With Packing box, manual, remote control

Jadis Symphonia Cd player - $3000

Edge G3 Integrated Amp - $3500

McCormack ALD-1 preamplifier (Deluxe Version) - $1300

Keswick Alto Figaro Speakers - $2000
Solid oak. Made in England.

Densen DM20 PreAmplifier / DM30 Power Amplifier - $3000
Densen DM30 Power Amplifier - $1500
There are 2 sets of power amplifier available
Packing boxes available

Jadis JA80 monoblocks $9800
Jadis JPL Preamp Sold

Gryphon Atilla Integrated Amplifier - $6000
With original box

Unison Research Unico Tube cd player - $1400
Good condition with box and remote control
From Italy

VTL 300 Deluxe Tube Monoblocks Power Amplifier - $3000
300 watts per channel!

Accuphase T-105 Tuner - $900

Contact me at 93829668. Thank you.


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