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  « Silent Angel Bonn N8 Audio Switch 2021 CNY Promo »
April 25th, 2024, 1:20pm
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   Silent Angel Bonn N8 Audio Switch 2021 CNY Promo
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   Author  Topic: Silent Angel Bonn N8 Audio Switch 2021 CNY Promo  


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Silent Angel Bonn N8 Audio Switch 2021 CNY Promo
« on: January 11th, 2021, 9:01pm »

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Silent Angel Bonn N8 High End Audio / Video Network Switch


To let more AV enthusiast test and enjoy the performance of the Bonn N8 switch we will have a Trial and Refund Program here.  You pay for the switch, bring it back and test for 7 day, and if you don't like, return for full refund.  No questions asked.




Usual Price SGD$650 Fixed.  2021 CNY Promotion $550.  Limited to 10 sets. 




All Official Reviews : Review | Silent Angel (silent-angel-audio.com)


Latest review by Customer Andy using the Bonn N8 for his Tidal Streaming :

Hi James,


I do only Tidal streaming with my Auralic streamer to my Chord DAVE DAC.  SWEE after using the Bonn N8 in the chain!  Major improvement in streaming quality.  Much more details and resolution.  Using the PLiXiR Elite Balanced DC LPS on the Bonn N8 brings even better performance.  The background is even more black and silent.  Very nice!




The Bonn N8 High End Audio / Video network switch improves the streaming video and audio quality for your AV system!  Examples include:


Netflix , YouTube , Apple TV , other video streaming services via network

Tidal , spotify , Qobuzz , Apple Music , Roon , other audio streaming services via network

Audio / Video playback via local system NAS

Roon core / Bridge / Endpoint system audio playback


See XP thread discussion for details!  : http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=292957.0

Other customer feedback :


The Apple TV video playback is a lot smoother after using Bonn N8.  From Ray.


The Bonn N8 is good.  More air and nice body and better bass control (Roon bridge system). From Jeff. 


See the Youtube review by Hans Beekhuyzen on the Bonn N8 VS standard switch and the much more expensive SOTM sNH-10G switch :



By improving power signal quality and network signal quality and TCXO technology, Bonn N8 improves the network signal quality. On Bonn N8, there are totally 8 high quality gigabit Ethernet ports, which make it possible to connecting to network ports on all audio devices at once. Through the network signal quality improvements from Bonn N8, it introduce significant improvement in music streaming  playback through streaming service or NAS.




Precise control of the clock signal


Silent Angel customized TCXO (Temperature Compensation crystal Oscillator) is highly accurate. The accuracy is 0.1ppm, which is much higher than normal crystal and higher than a normal TCXO. With this TCXO, Bonn N8 is able to generate more accurate network signal and provide more stable music data transmission.




High Permeability EMI Absorber


Furthermore, to reduce noise from digital circuits, Bonn N8 has special chosen EMI absorber at the inner side of bottom case to absorb the EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) from the inner digital circuit and make the network signal and clock circuit more stable and clear. Ensure Bonn N8 works more stable and generate more clear network signals.


The quality of network signal from Bonn N8 is 90% better than that of a general switch in jitter measurements.(lower is better)



Regular Home Switches jitter is as high as 705 ps.



Bonn N8 jitter is much lower (369 ps)


More information : http://www.thunder-data.com/bonn-n8-1


Review s : http://www.thunder-data.com/review



Usual Price SGD$650 Fixed.  2021 CNY Promotion $550.  Limited to 10 sets. 





Tel : 9694 9704. (11am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.  Strictly by appointment basis, as I could be out for for installation or errands.  Thank you for understanding.).


Sound Affairs Pte Ltd


110 Geylang Lor 23.  

Victory Centre #06-03




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