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  « Cayin CDT-15A Vacuum Tube CD Player_SOLD »
April 25th, 2024, 9:30pm
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   Cayin CDT-15A Vacuum Tube CD Player_SOLD
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   Author  Topic: Cayin CDT-15A Vacuum Tube CD Player_SOLD  


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Cayin CDT-15A Vacuum Tube CD Player_SOLD
« on: February 14th, 2021, 4:29pm »

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In excellent condition, like new very slightly used with original packaging. Letting go to change to a CD transport. Original retailing at $1,200.00 selling only @ $800.00. Interested can sms me @ 9 six 5 5 eight 2 7 eight.

The Reference Version is cladded with high grade wood plate on both sides of the chassis giving it a more luxurious look. It is well built and heavy weighing at 10kg.

The Cayin CDT-15A Reference is not just a CD player,  it is also equipped with a 24Bit/192kHz USB DAC that can decode hi-res WAV, FLAC, APE, AIFF, ALAC, OGG, WMA & MP3 from your music streamer or PC without having to invest in another DAC.    

You have an option to choose between 2 audio signal output:  the vacuum tube with a much warmer sound or the transistor tone circuit. See below and the attach link for a full introduction:-

1. With USB2.0 interface and can accept up to 24bit/192KHz
2. High quality toroidal power transformer plus audio choke coil
3. Dual outputs high end vacuum tube / Mosfet CD player
4. Elegant VFD dynamic dot matrix display
5. Heavy duty chassis with thick aluminum front plate
6. CD mechanism mounted on thick metal plate for ultra-stability
7. USA National Semiconductor LME49710 for low pass filter
8. Burr Brown PCM1792 DAC chipset
9. Nichicon cerefine gold high end capacitors
10. A of pair Russia 6922EH x 2 vacuum tube RCA output
11. A of pair precisely matched Mosfet RCA output
12. Philips digital servo system
13. Separate power supply to digital and analogue circuits
14. SP-13G Remote controller

https://www.my-hiend.com/vbb/showthread.php?6960-%E3%80%90%E8%A8 %8A%E6%BA%90%E3%80%91Spark-Cayin-CDT-15A-MK2-%E5%94%B1%E7%9B%A4-(24Bit-192kH z-USB-DAC)

Click here to listen to the actual sound reproduction recorded from the CD player:-

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BlLJb1MjFiz3xHJb1EBM-FvmCSGFFee C/view?usp=sharing

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