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  « SoulNote E-2 Phono Amplifier @ AUDIO BASIC »
April 13th, 2024, 4:32pm
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   SoulNote E-2 Phono Amplifier @ AUDIO BASIC
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   Author  Topic: SoulNote E-2 Phono Amplifier @ AUDIO BASIC  
Audio Basic


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SoulNote E-2 Phono Amplifier @ AUDIO BASIC
« on: August 13th, 2021, 12:24pm »

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Dear friends,

We are honoured and very happy to be appointed as sole authorised distributor for SoulNote Japan in Singapore!

We have introduced SoulNote A-2 Amplifier and the second product from SoulNote Series 2 which we wish to introduce is the E-2 Phono Amplifier.

Please take note that our units from SoulNote Japan are specially make for 230V region with CE certified which is very important !

For more updates, follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/audiobasic

SoulNote E-2 has awarded by:
** Product of the Year 2020 by HiFi Review Hong Kong
** SuperAV 2020
** Audio Excellence Award Japan 2018
** MJ Technology of the Year Japan 2018

https://tw.my-hiend.com/如此精& ;#24425;造就如此優異 -soulnote-e-2唱頭放大器
https://www.monoandstereo.com/2018/11/soulnote-e-2-phono-preampl ifier.html

YouTube Review:- https://youtu.be/hRjHeXU0UN4

* Non-feedback phono equalizer circuit for photoelectric cartridge (First phono amplifier which supports DS Audio Optical Cartridge!) The equalizer element is composed of a differential emitter bypass circuit, and a new circuit that significantly lowers the circuit impedance is adopted. SOULNOTE's original fully balanced non-feedback circuit, which does not require phase compensation or band limitation and is electrically stress-free, fully utilizes the advantages of photoelectric cartridges that escape the curse of the weight and inductive resistance of coils and magnetic circuits. The combination of photoelectric type with excellent transient response and non-feedback creates a shockingly hot and vivid music space. Photoelectric cartridges are not compatible with Toshiba and trio cartridges that existed in the past.

* MC LOAD switching function
Inorder to maximize the capacity of the MC cartridge to be used, 6 kinds of load impedance switching functions are carried. All switches are allocated on the front panel which is easily accessible and unlike those located behind or underneath of the equipment.

* MM load capacity switching function
In order to fully demonstrate the performance of the MM cartridge, three types of load capacity switching are installed.

* Inputs that can be connected to 4 systems
You can connect and switch between 4 inputs, "MC balanced dedicated input", "MC / MM unbalanced input (2 systems)", and "photoelectric cartridge dedicated input" at the same time.

* Supports a wide range of Old EQ curves before RIAA (at MC / MM)
6 types of Roll Off (high frequency attenuation frequency), 4 types of Turn Over (low frequency amplification frequency), 6 types of Low Limit (ultra low frequency amplification limit) , Each can be changed independently. You can get a total of 144 types of curves from Decca and COLUMBIA to early SP records (FLAT). You can use it to find the optimum equalizer curve by operating each knob while listening to the sound, or you can directly create the desired equalizer curve from the attached equalizer curve table. The equalizer curve is switched using a mechanical relay with the highest priority given to sound quality. The user manual tells us what we should set according to the recording company and year of recording..no guessing game or trial and error !

* Complete balance Non-feedback phono equalizer circuit (at MC / MM)
SOULNOTE original perfect balance that eliminates the drawbacks of the conventional NF type and CR type by giving the gain itself of the differential amplifier precise RIAA characteristics by the balanced load circuit. Uses a non-feedback circuit. Furthermore, by making the left and right channels independent on a single board for each channel and forming a twin mono configuration, precise and vast spatial depiction is possible.

* 400VA super-dreadnought toroidal transformer & high-speed non-feedback power supply installed
A very powerful 400VA bifara winding transformer is intentionally used as a single unit to clarify GND and power supply potential. The combination of a large number of small-capacity capacitors connected in parallel and a high-speed non-feedback regulator creates an accurate sound image while easily reproducing the movement of air that springs up from the stage.

* Invert function
By exchanging the balanced output HOT and COLD, the invert function that eliminates the change in sound quality caused by the circuit is installed.

* Gain-low function The gain-low function
that lowers the output level is installed in consideration of the headroom of the preamplifier to be connected.

* MONO function It
is equipped with a function that synthesizes the left and right channels and outputs it as monaural.

* Degaussing function (at MC / MM)
This is a function to short-circuit the input. By playing the record in this state, the effect of degaussing the cartridge can be obtained. It can also be used as a MUTE function at the moment of dropping the needle.

* Balanced output A
fully balanced non-feedback buffer amplifier that can drive even speakers? A stronger balanced output is obtained.

* Specifications
Input sensitivity MC: 0.4mV, MM: 4mV, OPT: 50mV
Gain MC: 72dB, MM: 52dB, OPT: 30dB
Rated output voltage BALANCE: 2.8V, UNBALANCE: 1.4V
RIAA deviation 0.2dB
MC load resistance 3Ohm, 6Ohm, 12Ohm, 24Ohm, 40Ohm, 100Ohm;
MM Load capacity 100P, 200P, 350P
MM Load resistance 47KOhm
Equalizer frequency ROLL-OFF [KHz] 1.59, 2.12 (RIAA), 2.59, 3.18, 6.89, FLAT
Equalizer frequency TURNOVER [Hz] 250 , 390, 500 (RIAA), 630
Equalizer frequency LOW LIMIT [Hz] 50 (RIAA), 71, 100, 125, 150, FLAT
Power supply voltage AC100V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 50W (J60065)
Maximum external dimensions Body: 430 (W) ) 160 (H) 410 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 20 kg
Accessories Spike, power cable

Please take note that our units from SoulNote Japan are specially make for 230V region with CE certified which is very important !

Price : S$8500

Audio Basic
1 Coleman Street
#02-12 The Adelphi.
Tel: 6338 3245


Audio Basic
1 Coleman Street
#02-12 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
Tel: +65 6338 3245

Facebook @ Audio Basic


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