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  « SoulNote D-2 DAC @ AUDIO BASIC »
April 22nd, 2024, 5:53am
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   SoulNote D-2 DAC @ AUDIO BASIC
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   Author  Topic: SoulNote D-2 DAC @ AUDIO BASIC  
Audio Basic


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« on: September 15th, 2021, 1:31pm »

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Dear friends,

We are honoured and very happy to be appointed as sole authorised distributor for SoulNote Japan in Singapore!

The third product of SoulNote Series 2 which we wish to introduce is the D-2 DAC. For more updates, follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/audiobasic

SoulNote D-2 DAC has awarded by:
** Stereo Sound Grand Prix Award 2018
** Audio Excellence Award Bronze Award 2019
** MJ Technology of the Year Award 2018
** Net Audio The Writer's Selection 2019

https://www.monoandstereo.com/2018/11/soulnote-d-2-edition-dac.h tml

YouTube Review:-
My Hi-End https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W0DVo_eL_0
Hiendy Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuWhPSW00AI
Hiendy Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2etX_vUkNqU
Hiendy Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfm_GlLRyiM

DDS adopts LMX2594 with ultra-low jitter performance and supports external clock input. It is a fully symmetrical non-feedback discrete D / A converter that uses a total of 4 ES9038PRO and also supports NOS mode.

* Texas Instruments LMX2594is used for DDS DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) is generally used for D / A converters that create the required master clock from the reference clock. In this method, the frequency accuracy (performance indicating how many seconds the deviation occurs in tens of thousands of years) guarantees the performance of the external clock, but the jitter (clock rising waveform), which is the most important factor for sound quality, is guaranteed. The fluctuation width) and the phase noise caused by it largely depend on the performance of the DDS itself. In the past, it was common for audio equipment to use DDS ICs with jitter performance on the order of several tens of ps (picoseconds), but the D-2 has a performance index of -236dBc / Hz, which was developed for measuring instruments and radar. Texas Instruments' PLLatinum RF synthesizer LMX2594, which boasts the world's highest specs of Jitter 45fs (femtoseconds, femtoseconds is 1/1000 of pico), is the first DDS for audio. With this ultra-low jitter DDS, overwhelmingly clear and profound spatial depiction was achieved not only when a high-precision external clock was input, but also when the built-in TCXO was used.

* Supports 10MHz external reference clock input
By adopting DDS with jitter performance that exceeds crystal quality, SOULNOTE is equipped with a 10MHz external reference clock input for the first time. The built-in clock also uses a high-performance TCXO that boasts the highest level of near-phase noise (-121 dB at a 10 Hz offset). In addition, a high-frequency relay with mechanical contacts is used to switch between the internal clock and the external clock in order to avoid adding jitter due to the IC. When using an external clock, the power of the built-in clock is turned off to stop oscillation and eliminate mutual interference.

* Adopting 4 ES9038PRO (First in the industry !)

SOULNOTE By assigning 2 ES9038PRO per channel to the vertical differential complementary input of the original fully symmetrical non-feedback discrete amplifier, the first stage of the non-feedback differential amplifier can be completely driven. .. The IV circuit is also made into the super simple IV circuit by one resistor, and the TIM distortion which becomes a problem in a feedback type IV is eliminated. By using the ES9038PRO, which boasts an ultra-strong current output of 120mA, in double per channel, it has become possible to play music that is even more natural and full of vitality. The ES9038PRO is operated in synchronous mode, which provides the highest sound quality.

* NOS mode adopted In
addition to the conventional FIR oversampling mode, the D-2 has newly adopted the NOS (non-oversampling) mode, which can be said to be non-feedback in the digital domain. In this mode, the pre-echo and post-echo observed in the impulse response of FIR oversampling do not occur. The noise level of the analog output is suppressed to a very low level, and there is no level difference between the two modes.

Impulse output waveform (D-2 analog output) in FIR oversampling filter
Pre-echo and post-echo are artificial "sounds" created by calculation from the previous and next data to interpolate the data, and thereby waveforms such as sine waves. Is smoother in appearance, but the calculation algorithm changes the sound quality and adds ambiguity on the time axis.

Impulse output waveform in NOS mode (D-2 analog output)
This is the first waveform that can be realized in combination with a non-feedback discrete amplifier with extremely excellent transient response performance. Since the music waveform is a series of impulse waveforms with different heights, the NOS mode dispels the ambiguity of the time axis information, making it more realistic and natural sound quality and air for human hearing, which is extremely sensitive to the time axis. Brings a feeling.
* DSD does not go into NOS mode.

* Twin mono-construction by all-discrete non-feedback differential amplifier
SOULNOTE's original discrete completely symmetric non-feedback differential amplifier is a twin mono-construction that arranges the left and right channels completely independently including the power supply rectifier. Furthermore, for audio signals and power supplies, the connector cable has been eliminated, and wiring from the transformer, which is a large current loop, has also been minimized.

* Equipped with 400VA bi-fara winding high regulation toroidal transformer with
8 windings on the secondary side We have newly developed a power transformer with 8 windings on the secondary side, which boasts the same regulation as a high power amplifier. Interference is prevented by making the rectifier circuit of each stage independent. In order to simplify the vibration mode of the housing, SOULNOTE uses one transformer as the vibration source for each housing, and the structure is such that unnecessary vibration is discharged from the spike legs directly under the transformer to the outside of the housing.

* Noise countermeasures that do not rely on filters
D-2 uses a 4-layer board made of 70-micron copper foil and optimizes the artwork of the printed circuit board to eliminate noise from the beginning. Thorough noise countermeasures that do not rely on filters such as ferrite that affect sound quality are thoroughly implemented, and unnecessary radiation is suppressed below the noise floor level in all modes.

* Independent configuration of the digital board in anticipation of support for updates
The digital board has an independent structure together with a part of the directly connected rear panel, enabling future updates. The connection with the analog circuit is soldered by the pin header, and the deterioration of sound quality due to the contact resistance of the connector is eliminated.

* Expandable to twin monaural DAC
For D-2, "STEREO", "MONO Lch", and "MONO Rch" modes can be selected. In MONO mode, stopping the ES9038PRO on the opposite channel doubles the power margin and makes the channel separation virtually infinite.

* Specifications
Input format (USB) PCM, DSD (DoP v1.1, ASIO native)
Input format (coaxial / AES / EBU) PCM, DSD (DoP v1.1)
compatible Sampling frequency (USB) Maximum 768kHz (PCM) / Maximum 22.6MHz (DSD)
compatible sampling frequency (coaxial / AES / EBU) Maximum 192kHz (PCM) / 2.8MHz (DSD64 DoP v1.1)
PCM quantization bit number (USB) 16bit, 24bit, 32bit
PCM quantization bit number (coaxial)・ AES / EBU) 16bit, 24bit
digital input USB (Type B), 2 coaxial systems (SPDIF), 2 AES / EBU systems
External clock input 10MHz (BNC50Ω)
Analog output
XLR 1 system, RCA 1 system Analog output level (XLR) 5.6 Vrms
analog output level (RCA) 2.8Vrms
frequency characteristics 2Hz to 120kHz (+ 0 / -1dB)
S / N ratio 110dB
Total harmonic distortion 0.008% (NOS / 176.4kHz)
Analog filter Secondary passive
power supply voltage AC100V 50 / 60Hz
power consumption 56W (J60065)
Maximum external dimensions Body: 430 (W) x 160 (H) x 405 (D) mm
Weight approx. 17 kg
Accessories Spike, power cable

Please take note that our units from SoulNote Japan are specially make for 230V region with CE certified which is very important !

Price : S$9200

Audio Basic
1 Coleman Street
#02-12 The Adelphi.
Tel: 6338 3245


Audio Basic
1 Coleman Street
#02-12 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
Tel: +65 6338 3245

Facebook @ Audio Basic


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