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May 27th, 2024, 9:08am
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Premium Floorstanding Stereo Smart Speakers
« on: May 10th, 2022, 9:56pm »

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Citation Tower
Premium Floorstanding Stereo Smart Speakers

Citation Tower $4999/pair

Distinguished design
Harman  Kardon  Citation  Tower  blends  home  audio  innovation  with  sophisticated  design.  Its  premium  blended  wool  fabric,  made  by  Kvadrat, is dirt repellent and flame retardant.

Superior sound and sophistication
The  first  truly  premium  product  of  its  kind,  the  Harman  Kardon  Citation  range  is  the  ultimate  in  state-of-the-art  audio  from  Harman  Kardon,  the  world’s foremost purveyor of high fidelity audio products for over 65 years.

Your music everywhere
Let  your  home  resonate  with  a  single  soundtrack,  or  play  different  music  in  each  room.  Simply  add  additional  Harman  Kardon  Citation  speakers to your Harman Kardon Citation Tower to create a complete home audio experience you control from your tablet or smartphone.

Hands-free help with the Google Assistant
The Google Assistant brings convenient voice control to your Harman Kardon Citation wireless home sound system. Get answers, play music, control your smart home and tackle the challenges of your day using simply the power of your voice.

Wireless cinematic surround sound
Get the full home theater surround sound experience, without all the wiring.  Create  a  5.1  system  for  the  ultimate  movie,  sports  or  gaming  experience  by  simply  adding  a  Harman  Kardon  Citation  Bar,  Harman  Kardon Citation Sub or Harman Kardon Citation Surround.

Control it all with just your voice
Cue the music with the simple power of your own voice. Using voice  assistant  you can ask Harman Kardon Citation to play your favorite songs, then enjoy high-definition music streaming, powered by the cloud.

Access more than 300 music streaming services
Relax,  energize,  explore.  Harman  Kardon  Citation Tower gives you access to over 300 music streaming services  through  built-in  Chromecast. Enjoy all of your favorite audio content, Internet radio and podcasts in stunning high-definition.

Ready for multi-channel surround sound
Add a Harman Kardon Citation Subwoofer to infuse your home theater with a grounding layer of deep, rich bass, a Harman Kardon Citation Bar for crisp dialogs and a pair of Harman Kardon Citation Surrounds for the ultimate multi-channel surround sound experience.

Privacy please
Be in control of how you connect and what you share. Harman Kardon Citation’s microphones are easily switched on or off, providing security and  privacy  as  you  require.  Multicolored  LED  indicators  allow  you  to  quickly check the current state of microphones.

Always up to date
Effortlessly  keep  your  features  and  services  up  to  date.  Software  updates  and  upgrades  automatically  download  and  install  to  your  system. Maintaining state-of-the-art home audio has never been easier.

Simple setup with Google Home
With  the  free  Google  Home  app  for  iOS  and  Android,  you  can  easily  set  up  and  manage  all  of  your  Harman  Kardon  Citation  speakers.  All  speakers support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connections.

Beautiful, intuitive controls
Harman Kardon Citation’s LCD color display is as attractive as it is intuitive. Control your music with just the touch of your finger, or go deeper to get complimentary information from your audio content.

Wireless Bluetooth® streaming
Harman Kardon Citation makes it easy to wirelessly stream audio from your smartphone  or  tablet  via  Bluetooth®,  allowing  you  to  turn  Internet  audio  into an immersive musical experience.

Easy access to all your favorites
The  colorful  preset  display  icons  on  the  Harman  Kardon  Citation  Tower  make it easy to instantly access your favorite music playlists, and control all of your smart home devices.

Enjoy your Apple Music with AirPlay
Discover  new  artists  and  access  your  favorite  playlists  from  Apple  Music  with  AirPlay.  Use  the  iPhone  app  to  choose  your  soundtrack  and  set  the  mood anywhere in your home

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#06-33 T-Space
Singapore 528559
Mobile: 97322883 (Osman)
Phone: 63377989

Do drop us a Call to make a No-Obligations Audition today!


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