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  « SoulNote X-3 10Mhz Clock Generator @ AUDIO BASIC »
April 23rd, 2024, 5:50am
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   SoulNote X-3 10Mhz Clock Generator @ AUDIO BASIC
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   Author  Topic: SoulNote X-3 10Mhz Clock Generator @ AUDIO BASIC  
Audio Basic


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SoulNote X-3 10Mhz Clock Generator @ AUDIO BASIC
« on: July 7th, 2022, 12:51pm »

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Dear friends,

SoulNote X-3 10Mhz Clock Generator has finally landed @ Audio Basic !

Please take note that our units from SoulNote Japan are specially make for 230V region with CE certified which is very important !

For more updates, follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/audiobasic

SoulNote 10 MHz Clock Generator has been derived from a world-first design principle. The discovery that the principle for vibrant sound behind clocks is precisely the same as other devices was the imputes behind our tremendous breakthrough in clock generators. This led to the revelation that high definition sound that can also be expansive and pure. The sound image moves in three dimensions and the music literally bursts with emotions.

** SC Cut ultra low phase noise OCXO
The X-3 incorporates an SC Cut ultra low phase noise OXCO (thermostatic bath-type crystal oscillator) selected for its unprecedented sound quality.

** Naked foil resistors
As they greatly impact clock sound quality, the output resistors employ naked foil resistors adapted from artificial satellite grade ultra-high precision resistors, with exceptional thermal properties and low thermal noise, and then further customized. We believe that at this stage, this is where extraordinary resistors are most effective.

** SMA output terminal
The output clock signal originates from an SMA terminal with specs above 20 GHz. Only one output is provided for the ultimate in sound quality. The X-3 is supplied with an SMA–SMA 50ohm dedicated clock cable, but we highly recommend using the optional RCC-1 clock cable. Relive music that unleashes the ambiences of the soul.

** Non-negative feedback power supply
A high-capacity 200 VA toroidal transformer normally used in 100 W power amps provides an abundant power supply to drive the crystal oscillator. The rectifier diode relies on newly adopted ultra high-speed SiC diodes. The rectifier group is composed of numerous low-magnification, small-capacity electrolytic condensers connected in parallel, while the regulator incorporates SOULNOTE’s unique non-negative feedback discrete power supply.

** Quiet power supply domain
All unnecessary circuits like power supply LEDs, relays, etc. have been stripped from the crystal oscillator to provide a super-quiet power supply domain.
Housing prioritizing sound quality

** The X-3 housing adopts unique new design
The housing consolidates features like air dump elimination through a dual non-rigid top plate, non-rigid AC inlets, non-rigid output terminals, three spike supports directly under the transformers, titanium washers, carbon washers, and more. Our core expertise has developed sound of the highest quality.

** Specifications
Output   SMA x 1
Output frequency   10MHz
Output impedance   50 ohms
Output level   1.0Vp-p
Power voltage   220V AC 50Hz(D-3H), 115V AC 60Hz(D-3T)
Power consumption   2W
Maximum external dimensions Main unit   430(W)×111(H)×376(D)mm
Weight   7.5kg
Included accessories   SMA–SMA dedicated clock cable, SMA–BNC converter plug, spikes, power cable
(RCC-1 Clock cable is optional)

Price : $5800

Audio Basic
1 Coleman Street
#02-12 The Adelphi.
Tel : 6338 3245


Audio Basic
1 Coleman Street
#02-12 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
Tel: +65 6338 3245

Facebook @ Audio Basic


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