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  « Fixed Assets Management System Based on RFID Techn »
April 25th, 2024, 12:40pm
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   Fixed Assets Management System Based on RFID Techn
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   Author  Topic: Fixed Assets Management System Based on RFID Techn  


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Fixed Assets Management System Based on RFID Techn
« on: July 11th, 2022, 11:37am »

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     The RFID fixed assets management system adopts advanced RFID technology to collect fixed assets data, and gives each physical object an RFID identification to carry out and manage the purchase, warehousing, borrowing, return, transfer, repair, maintenance, inventory, depreciation, scrap and exit life cycle of physical assets. The system also provides a variety of data reports to improve the school's fixed asset management level from multiple perspectives. It solves the problem of unclear financial resources of school fixed assets. It can also prevent the loss of fixed assets and hold people accountable. Orientation provides decision-making basis for school decision-makers to manage fixed assets, and improves the overall asset management and operation efficiency.

     Implementation effect of RFID fixed assets management system:

     1. It realizes the full life cycle management of fixed assets: Using RFID technology, automatic radio frequency identification and wireless remote transmission function of communication network, it realizes the dynamic real-time tracking, centralized monitoring and management of the full life cycle of fixed assets (purchase, purchase, warehousing, borrowing, return, transfer, transfer, repair, maintenance, inventory, depreciation, scrap, disposal, etc.). It provides accurate data reference for the scientific decision-making of enterprise managers and the rational allocation of fixed assets. It effectively improves the efficiency of fixed assets and improves the utilization rate of assets, reduces the cost of enterprise management, and avoids the waste of idle assets.

     2. Realize the synchronous management of accounts, RFID cards, materials and people of fixed assets: the system integrates the daily management of fixed assets into the asset management system, records the user, location, department and purchase time involved in the daily operation process of assets, and introduces the SMS reminder function to realize the effective supervision of the daily work of assets, It saves a lot of manpower and material resources for the school to carry out asset inventory and asset management, avoids the loss of assets, and improves the level of enterprise management.

     3. It is convenient to count fixed assets:

     In areas covered by wireless networks, fixed asset managers can quickly read the information of fixed assets through RFID scanning and complete the inventory of fixed assets. The system can scan hundreds of labels in one second, and the recognition distance can reach about 6 meters. The counting time is greatly shortened, and the speed and accuracy of counting are improved.

     The introduction of RFID technology into the fixed assets management system can enable enterprises to complete the full life cycle management of fixed assets: the purchase, purchase, warehousing, requisition, return, repair, maintenance, change, finance, scrap and other links of fixed assets can be scientifically informationized. RFID technology not only greatly improves the efficiency of the inventory of fixed assets, but also facilitates enterprise decision makers to understand the various stages of fixed assets, and make statistics, monitoring and management of the use, allocation, classification, etc. of fixed assets, so that the overall situation of fixed assets is clear at a glance.

     Advantages of RFID automatic identification technology:

     1) For those fixed assets whose location is relatively hidden and it is not easy to scan the code with UHF Handheld RFID Reader or mobile app one by one, or objects whose location is relatively high and space is narrow that are inconvenient to scan, they can be recognized from a long distance.

     2) With RFID radio frequency technology, data can be read through the package. RFID tags are not afraid of oil contamination, surface damage and dark environment.

     3) RFID can read multiple tag data in a short time, hundreds of them in a second, which can achieve the effect of rapid and easy inventory. Unlike bar codes and QR codes, you can only read one at a time.

     4) In addition, RFID tags store a large amount of information, which can be disassembled and resistant to high temperature. In some harsh environments, RFID tags can also be attached to fixed assets.

     5) RFID is divided into passive RFID and active RFID. Active RFID has the monitoring function of fixed assets. If the displacement of fixed assets changes, it will automatically alarm. It is convenient to manage some valuable physical assets.

     Due to the large number of assets, wide distribution, paper recording of asset access, manual updating of asset data, time-consuming and labor-consuming inventory, it is difficult to achieve physical consistency of enterprise assets, and asset loss and repeated procurement are serious. In order to better meet the digital and lean management requirements of enterprises for assets in the network era, and provide accurate and effective dynamic data of assets, standard link has launched a barcode /rfid fixed asset management system solution.

     Program highlights:

     1. Physical asset management "identity", to achieve one thing, one code and one identification

     Enter information quickly through batch import, cooperate with real-time printing equipment, generate the asset identification code of "one object, one code", and give assets "" to realize real-time dynamic, real-time positioning, rapid search, and informatization of asset management, so as to make physical assets clear.

     2. Asset classification

     In the system, you can customize the classification of assets, or according to the national asset classification standards, let each asset have a clear category, realize the unified management of all kinds of assets, and set the form numbering rules. When entering assets, the system will automatically generate asset numbers.

     3. Check all employees and quickly find out the assets

     The system can enable all staff to participate in the inventory, and the user can scan QR code, RFID radio frequency and other inventory methods through the handheld inventory device to make a flexible and rapid inventory. The unit leader and asset management department can view the inventory progress of each user through the system, and can understand whether there are inventory gains, inventory losses and other phenomena in this unit's assets.

     4. Asset approval to ensure safety

     Whenever assets need to be called, such as department collection, borrowing, transfer, damage, repair, scrap, etc., tasks need to be created in the system, leaving application records, and then approved and issued by the administrator or department head to ensure safe use.

     5. Tracing and recording of asset life cycle

     Each asset will generate an asset card from receipt to record the usage information of the modified asset, such as receipt, collection, transfer, borrowing, damage, scrap and other operations, so as to realize the tracing and recording of the whole life cycle of the asset.

     6. Asset data at a glance

     The system can dynamically count the asset management data of each unit and display them graphically. Leaders can click on each graph to view the overall situation, composition, use and distribution of the assets of each unit, and make decision analysis and carry out asset performance evaluation management according to the query results.
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