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  « Rfid Technology Lighting Technology Winter Olympic »
April 25th, 2024, 1:04pm
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   Rfid Technology Lighting Technology Winter Olympic
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   Author  Topic: Rfid Technology Lighting Technology Winter Olympic  


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Rfid Technology Lighting Technology Winter Olympic
« on: August 29th, 2022, 10:56am »

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During the Winter Olympic Games, baggage, especially oversized and overweight baggage, will arrive and depart in a centralized manner. It will span hundreds of kilometers from the airport to each winter Olympic Village, involving a wide area and many links. The airport baggage support tasks are complex and extremely challenging.

The construction and operation of the whole process baggage tracking system for the Winter Olympic Games has to a great extent solved the pain points of heavy baggage transport workload, opaque information and easy to make mistakes. By using RFID and other technologies to collect and share transport data, the arrival and departure of baggage can be like receiving and sending express, and the whole process tracking can be realized. It not only provides reliable tracking and monitoring means for support units, but also provides transparent and convenient information acquisition channels for athletes, and provides strong scientific and technological support for service support of the Winter Olympics.

Staff use RFID baggage tags to check baggage for passengers

Staff use RFID handheld terminal to complete loading confirmation of outbound baggage

Technology Winter Olympics

The program of "winter dream appointment" shows the "smart material cloud platform", a black technology of smart materials for the Winter Olympic Games, which is created by the perfect cooperation of 5g and RFID technology.

This "cloud platform" relies on one technology and two types of intelligent hardware. One technology refers to RFID technology; There are two types of hardware, one is a screen that can brush the face, and the other is a lighted RFID smart tag attached to equipment (such as helmet, snowboard, etc.).

After the athletes face the screen for face recognition and complete identity confirmation, RFID and 5g cooperate perfectly to transmit the information to the "smart material cloud platform" deployed in Unicom cloud. The cloud platform sends lighting instructions to the smart tags bound with the athletes' identity information. After receiving the second level instructions, the tags on the equipment will flash. Athletes can easily receive equipment, and the whole process is safe, rigorous and fast.

Technology Winter Olympics

The National Stadium is a set of "cloud connected spectator interactive experience system" meticulously built for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. It is also a key special project of the science and technology Winter Olympics. Each seat in the stadium has a positioning tag based on RFID technology. When the fluorescent rod is close to the seat, it is bound with the seat number through the built-in RFID reading chip. Using the content production and demonstration system, the editors and creators regard each numbered seat as a "pixel" for content design, and send instructions to the numbered fluorescent rod through the audio-visual control workstation and the wireless remote control device. The brightness and color of the fluorescent rod are controlled by the wireless chip built in the fluorescent rod, and the entire design content is accurately mapped to each fluorescent rod bound to the seat.

Technology Winter Olympics

RFID technology power in blood support

Ice and snow sports have high difficulty and high risk. Behind the speed and passion of athletes in various countries, there is a high injury rate of about 14% in ice and snow sports, and the demand for medical blood also increases. Therefore, adequate blood support will undoubtedly play a vital role in the treatment of sports injuries.

In order to ensure safe and accurate blood supply, Langfang blood station, the blood supply guarantee unit of the Winter Olympics, integrates advanced technologies such as RFID technology(click here), temperature sensor and software information management to solve the real-time monitoring of blood in the process of low-temperature storage and cold chain transportation in the way of "Internet of things + informatization", and combines the requirements of safety, controllability, efficiency and accuracy to ensure that blood is safe, accurate and controllable in the process of storage, handover and transportation, The important role of temperature control in blood storage and transportation should be effectively controlled.

Technology Winter Olympics

RFID technology power in washing support

The laundry support service for 2022 Winter Olympic Games is a large-scale intelligent service system focusing on the laundry of public textiles such as hotels and hospitals, and integrating linen leasing, laundry service and logistics distribution.

RFID can give each linen a unique RFID digital identity, and use UHF identification collection equipment to collect the status information of the linen at each handover link and each washing process in real time; Rely on powerful data analysis tools to realize the whole process and life cycle management of linen.

RFID technology will be applied to the whole process of cloth purchase, collection, washing, sorting and distribution to help complete the washing support work for the Winter Olympics, control the quality control of the cleaning process and the inspection of the products, and ensure that the exported textiles are 100% qualified.

The Winter Olympics is not only a stage for countries and athletes to show their style, but also a good opportunity for the application and promotion of new technologies.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games pioneered the application of RFID in many application scenarios, such as Olympic tickets, food safety, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, logistics and distribution, which not only ensured the safety of the Olympic Games, but also made China accumulate a lot of valuable practical experience in the field of RFID, and promoted the development of the RFID application market.

Just as the black technology of the 2008 Olympic Games has "flown into the homes of ordinary people", it is believed that the innovative technology of today's Winter Olympics will be gradually popularized and applied in the future.

As the pioneer of RFID technology in China, Pinguan IOT has been deeply engaged for many years, and has mature products and solutions in the fields of intelligent sorting and tracing of air baggage, digital management of physical materials and real-time monitoring of cold chain transportation.

As the digital economy will turn to a new development stage of deepening application, standardizing development, and sharing benefits, Pinguan IOT will continue to enrich intelligent application scenarios, promote new business models, and help and accelerate the wide application of digital technology.

OPRFID Technologies' RFID Technology:



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