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  « YUKIMU PNA-USB01 Noise Absorber Plug @Audio Basic »
April 23rd, 2024, 6:47pm
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   YUKIMU PNA-USB01 Noise Absorber Plug @Audio Basic
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YUKIMU PNA-USB01 Noise Absorber Plug @Audio Basic
« on: October 1st, 2022, 12:02pm »

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Dear Friends,

From our maker of the best selling YUKIMU PNA-RCA01 Noise absorber, our first shipment of USB version PNA-USB01 has arrived !

The "effective" plug noise absorber as the second release that continues to penetrate worldwide!
One year and a half has passed since the release of the PNA-RCA01.
The long-awaited new item follows on from the PNA-RCA01, which has a growing evaluation as an evidence-based plug noise absorber. The PNA-USB01 is a USB-type noise absorber that is effective in the latest AV systems.
Simply plug it into your PC, video equipment or digital audio equipment to get closer to the original sound and video quality. The PNA-USB01, a new addition to the YUKIMU Super Audio Accessory line-up that is now very popular overseas, is effective in all environments and is a remarkable work of art by Mr. Yamazaki who is the designer.

* PNA-USB01 works and its basic concept:
When PNA-USB01 is inserted into the USB port, it absorbs high-frequency noise (on digital circuits, microcomputers, switching power supplies, etc.) in the equipment and in the USB power supply, and functions as a conditioner to regulate the original music and video signals.

* Technical content of the PNA-USB01:
- Noise components in the USB power supply are absorbed by a series circuit of resistors and capacitors.
- The PULSHUT(electromagnetic wave absorption sheet) absorbs conducted noise from the internal circuitry.
- By using of low-impedance metal case, it absorbs high-frequency noise and increases the virtual GND effect.

* Effects of the PNA-USB01 (*sound quality):
By reducing the high-frequency noise inside the equipment, the S/N improves and fine sounds buried in the noise come to the surface. And, this improves the freshness and resolution of the sound.
Furthermore, the extension of high and low frequencies is increased and a three-dimensional and wider sound field can be expected. (*The degree of effect depends on the environment of the system.)
Specific examples of the effects include improved S/N, increased low-frequency power and vocal clarity, rich three-dimensionality and better sound separation from the speakers.

     •      Specific feature of PNA-USB01

〇Pure audio design with only non-magnetic components*.
- Adoption of USB terminal (non-magnetic brass shielded and nickel-plated) made by Würth Electronics, aluminium case (A6061/Al-Mg-Si alloy) and SUS304 (non-magnetic stainless steel) screws.
(*SUS304 may become slightly magnetic during the machining process. The nickel plating used is very slightly magnetic).

- In selecting the brand and value of the capacitors and resistors (following the PNA-RCA01), in addition to many years of experience, in-depth listening tests were repeatedly carried out on prototypes. The most suitable capacitor/resistor brands and values were carefully determined by listening.

 Styrofoam condensers (non-magnetic) for audio manufactured by LCR (UK)
Decided after rigorous sound quality checks from among a number of styrofoam capacitors. It is Low ESR (low resistance) and good high-frequency characteristics. Styrofoam capacitors are less affected by temperature and humidity and have stable characteristics. The lead wires used are made of copper (non-magnetic and advantageous in terms of sound quality). In addition, to minimize variations during mass production, selected products (high-precision products with an error margin of 1%) are used.

About AmTrans carbon-coated resistors (non-magnetic)
2W product of the highest grade AMRG (large product), lead wire is OFC with special gold plating for sound quality.


Aerial wiring without printed circuit boards, which affect sound quality. (by Hand Made).
Lead-free solder with silver is used as a result of listening tests.
Asahi Kasei PULSHUT(non-magnetic electromagnetic wave absorbing material) is used, selected from a number of electromagnetic wave absorbing materials based on hearing tests. The circuit is wrapped in PULSHUT to absorb high-frequency noise flowing into the circuit.
Adoption of metal case, external dimensions and internal structure incorporating the golden ratio and golden spiral.

:- Design Policy of Sound Quality (message from the developer/designer of Mr. Masahiro Yamazaki)
* Common to PNA series

The PNA series aims to bring out more of the 'life dynamic' inherent in your equipment and sound sources by reducing noise. There are many noise-reducing accessories on the market, but experience has shown that they tend to have side-effects in contrast to their noise-reducing effect, so the PNA Series has been designed with the utmost care.
The most common side-effect is the phenomenon of dead sound. We achieved noise reduction without reducing the momentum, extension, vitality and soul of the sound. A common side-effect is that, as a result of noise reduction, the fine audio signal also becomes less impressive, as the surface is polished and the dirty sound is gone, but the music becomes small, clean and tidy. This side-effect has been taken into account and noise reduction has been focused on the high-frequency noise that has a negative impact on sound quality. All design elements are determined by listening tests.

Promotion Price - $520

Audio Basic
1 Coleman Street
#02-12 The Adelphi
Tel : 6338 3245

Audio Basic
1 Coleman Street
#02-12 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
Tel: +65 6338 3245

Facebook @ Audio Basic


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