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April 25th, 2024, 10:07am
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ICQ :748495488,ccv ATM PIN Business Signature
« on: October 13th, 2022, 12:26am »

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I Sell Verified Carders CVV PAYPAL DUMPS TRACK Verified seller for ccv , acc paypal balanced , dumps track with pins , gift card.....
   Hi everybody!!
   Im hacker from ukraina , im here from 2008 yr for good business
   Im verified seller for ccv, dumps track, acc paypal balanced , bank login . . .
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   Originally Posted by demi.god vouch for sir SILVER SELLER Verified..good work and good price..

   Originally Posted by pablogomes91 VOUCH For Him. 110%. Nothing More Nothing Less. Message Me Bro. We Need To Chat.

   Originally Posted by linktorch vouchh!!

   Originally Posted by The Carding Guy You can always buy from this guy he is very trustworthy !

   Originally Posted by JesusOfSuburbia Best service of this forum I received my order

   Originally Posted by nachumama he is honnest i bought UK fullz ccv and EU

   Originally Posted by kevin_prayuda This Dude is Legit bought 10 Canada Cards from him I have been buying from him for a few mounts now his cards are al ways 100% live Best CC seller on FFT I would highly reccomend him if you are looking for bulk or anything he has some really good cards

   Originally Posted by MIKOTO Thanks broo you are the best of the best _

   Originally Posted by Chybinska06 trusted man. vouch for him

Reply   Aug 25, 2015 . Edited May 16 #1

Price list :

=== US:

(visa,master) = 5$

(amex,discover) = 7$

(bin) = 8$ (dob) = 8$

(fullz) = 40$

=== UK:

(vsa,master) = 8$

(amex,discover) = 12$

(bin) = 12$ (dob) = 20$

(fullz) = 40$

=== CA:

(visa,master) = 8$

(amex,discover) = 12$

(bin) = 12$

(dob) = 12$

(fullz) = 40$

=== AU:

(visa,master) = 8$

(amex,discover) = 12$

(bin) = 12$ (dob) = 12$

(fullz) = 40$

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

* All ccv is fresh and private

* Guarantee for balance

* Min 5 ccv /order

* I update more than 2000 cc cvv everyday

* There are all kinds of cc cvv: ( visa, master, amex, discover, dob, ssn, full details )

* Fresh good valid Strong high balance best price

* I accept wmz, bitcoin

----- Thanks all -----
I Sell Verified Carders CVV PAYPAL DUMPS TRACK FRESHTOOLS ( Rdp - Smtp - Shell - Webmail - Leads - Mailers- Cpanels - scampages ... )

   Hello Guys Back In Selling Fresh Tools
   Smtp==7$ Hacked .....Tested==Okay......Checking==Testing On Yahoo Only
   Smtp Unlimited......Tested=Okay....Checking=Inbox To Allz Yahoo Hotmail Msn Price 20$ 4 days Guarantee
   Rdp Usa.....Guarantee 1 month *Any State In Stock*(price 13$--Guarantee 1 month)
   Rdp Hacked Admin With Ams Installed Nonblacklisted--8$
   Webmail....... Hacked 7 $...... Checked Inbox To Yahoo Only Dont Know About Others
   Webmail Unlimited.... Checked Inbox To Yahoo Msn Aol Gmail Price 20$ 1 Week Guaranteee
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   Cpanel-----5$ each one--login-okk--Domain Active
   Shells--3$ each one---upload...ok---unzip...ok
   Scamming Files In Stock:
   1-Usaa 2015 With Letter
   2-Chase 2015
   3-Natwest 2015
   4-Wellsfargo 2015
   5-Paypal True Login
   6-Halifax 2015
   7-Rbc Canada 2015
   8-Apple All Country Supported With Letter
   9-Boa 2015
   10-Alibaba 2015
   With Letter And Much More Just Add Me To Ask
   Leads in stock:
   Personals And Bussiness
   minimum order 50k-20$
   Term Off Service:
   1)Tools With Guarantee 7day If Dead Will get Replaced......
   2)Dead Mean If Will Not Deliver Anymore Inbox
   3)Allz Tools Are Fresh And Checked....
   Dont Add Me If You Not Interesed To Buy
   4)Hacked Tools I Check Before Send If Dead No Replacement
   5)Bulk Orders Accepted Kids And Rippers Stay Away From Me Dont Request Free Tools Or Anything.
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............................................... ........................

I Sell Verified Carders CVV PAYPAL DUMPS TRACK Making Plastic Card [The Basics]

   To make plastics here's what you need to get started.
   1. Embosser. $800 (punch the numbers on front of card) - Get a manual one health care format.
   2. Tipper. (make the numbers on front of card silver or gold) You dont need a tipper because a lot of cards aren't even tipped. You can print a gold/silver outline in the area where the numbers are if you have the alignment real good for a cheap tipped effect.
   3. Hologram (dove or world) $10 each, depending on your vendor.
   4. Card printer. (a good ID printer will do) $2-5k depending on brand and quality.
   5. Heat press $1k-5 depending on if you want to buy use or new. Used ones work just as well.(if you don't have the sticker type hologram you can use a heat press to press the holo into the card to make it fell smoother to the card)
   6. Signature stripe. again, you will need to find a vendor, or just print the signature stripe with your card printer and use a sharpie for signature. Also you can buy pvc cards with sig strips already on them.
   7. M and V embosser characters for front of card. These are little harder to get. You can try to get custom keys made locally, or you can use a rapid protype deal, or make hte molds with acrylic.
   8. PVC Blanks, Make sure to get 30mil Hi-co (Cost around $15 for 100)
   9. A CC scan

   contact me :
ICQ  : 748495488

Skype: live:topsellervnc

Gmail: silversellerccv@gmail.com

I Sell Verified Carders CVV PAYPAL DUMPS TRACK How to be a Pro Carder ?
Today I'll be sharing some of what the Pro Carder

1. Always clear your history and clean cookies and change mac address.

2. Always clear your flesh cookies.

3. Vpn is not good for carding now as most of the ip of vpn have been blacklisted by Good shops.

4. Always use socks5 which is live and not blacklisted.

5. you should match the ip of same state and city.

6. Always match the timezone of cc same state.

7. Always try to type the details of cc as many site now have script to check copy paste of cc details as most of the time carders copy paste the details of cc. Actual owner always type all details.

8. Get the maximum information of cc owner from background check sites there you can found DOB, MMN and sometimes SSN. Most of these sites are cardable with public cc.

9. If you want to be a pro carder than stop using free email sites as yahoo, gmail, aol etc.

10. Better solution is first card a domain and hosting and make a small site and then create a email of cc owner their of the same name on cc. you can also use free domain or sub domain sites but carding your host & domain is better. While carding domain and hosting you should use Amex cc as there is less chances of chargeback.

11. Check the cc live before using site not on checker as sometimes it kills cc. Find a most easy cardable site and make a bogus account and checkout for small amount like 2$ if it work then go to original site.

12. Always study the site carefully which you want to card and its seller. Most of the time seller who sell refurnished Mobiles etc are in hurry to ship the item. So search them.

13. When you card some big Items of a new account from site it is suspicious. So you can make new a new account and leave it for some months after that card small items and always give good feedback. But the better way is to buy old accounts of the site with good feedback.

14. Always Use Skype ac with credit and call forwarding services. If you call the shop with the number of cc owner and ask customer care of site some help before filling cc details your chances of success or much higher. You should always use it if you want to card high value items.

15. Always Use Trusted drop of same country if you are carding a international Site. Because shipping to another country is always suspicious.

16. Always try to carding on Weekends as shops not able to contact and verify extra details from bank by calling them. You can also check closing time of bank and card after closing timing of bank.

17. Always Send a Email instantly to seller after order complete to ship order fast as you need it urgent as there is some function in your house.

18. Don't use a cc at Same Site from different Accounts.Use it at one account maximum 3-4 Times.

19. One of my friend Using a new trick he calls from the mobile number of cc owner with skype to the cc issuing bank that he is going to shop some goods and they should make the approval fast. I don't know the full trick and working on it you should also find your ways. If you succeed to convince cc issuing bank that you are original cc owner than you will rock with high amount purchase.

20. If you use the pp in carding then buy pp with email access and delete the order related emails from inbox and trash box of email.

If you need any help, contact me

ICQ  : 748495488

Skype: live:topsellervnc

Gmail: silversellerccv@gmail.com



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