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  « YUKIMU PNA-RCA01 Noise Absorber Plug @Audio Basic »
April 18th, 2024, 9:54am
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   YUKIMU PNA-RCA01 Noise Absorber Plug @Audio Basic
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   Author  Topic: YUKIMU PNA-RCA01 Noise Absorber Plug @Audio Basic  
Audio Basic


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YUKIMU PNA-RCA01 Noise Absorber Plug @Audio Basic
« on: February 18th, 2023, 11:52am »

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Dear Friends,

Our New shipment just arrived !

The highly rated YUKIMU PNA-RCA01 Noise Absorber Plug has arrived !

The PNA-RCA01 was designed by Mr. Masahiro Yamazaki, an engineer who has been involved in audio circuit design for many years at a domestic manufacturer.

It is a noise absorption attachment. By connecting to the RCA terminals of audio equipment, digital circuits, microcomputers,

We aim to reduce the high-frequency noise inside the device generated by the switching power supply. The effect is mainly due to the improvement of S / N,

The fine sound that was buried in the noise is raised, and the freshness and resolution are improved.

In addition, we can expect extension of the low range, and aim to reproduce a three-dimensional and wide sound field.

:- PNA-RCA01 technical specifications

Absorbs high-frequency noise of approximately 3MHz or higher.

Noise components of approximately 3MHz or higher that are superimposed on the audio signal flow into the case via a series circuit of resistors and capacitors.

High-frequency current is stabilized by being absorbed by the metal (case).

Does not affect audio signal bandwidth (can be used regardless of L/R)

Unlike the short pin, it can be attached to the output terminal as well as the input terminal.

It can be attached not only to the analog terminal but also to the digital input/output terminal.

:- Features of PNA-RCA01

*Pure audio design with only non-magnetic parts.

Selection of brands and determination of values for capacitors and resistors

In addition to many years of experience, we repeatedly conducted detailed listening tests with prototypes.

After careful consideration of the best capacitor/resistor brands and values, British LCR audio styrene condenser (sorted product), uses Amtrans non-magnetic carbon film resistors (AMRG 2W).

*Handmade aerial wiring - Produced with aerial wiring without using a printed circuit board that affects sound quality.

*Uses a brass case (machined) - A metal case with low impedance that quickly absorbs incoming high-frequency current.


Adoption of silver-containing lead-free solder and electromagnetic noise absorption material, etc., considering sound quality.

* Size: total length 52mm diameter 16.5mm (grip part)

Promotion Price - $520

Audio Basic
1 Coleman Street
#02-12 The Adelphi
Tel : 6338 3245

Audio Basic
1 Coleman Street
#02-12 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
Tel: +65 6338 3245

Facebook @ Audio Basic


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