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  « 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan will have 10 days »
July 9th, 2020, 7:19am
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   49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan will have 10 days
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   Author  Topic: 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan will have 10 days  


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49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan will have 10 days
« on: August 12th, 2019, 2:03pm »

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to decide who will will get the start at quarterback for San Francisco in their next game against the New York Giants.After Thursday night¡¯s showing against the Oakland Raiders Harry Carson Jerseys Stitched , Shanahan said after the game that Nick Mullens would absolutely be in consideration to get the starting nod when the time comes.¡°Definitely will consider it,¡± Shanahan said. ¡°Definitely not thinking about that right now. Our whole team played very well. Nick definitely did. I thought our guys up front played well and I thought the entire offense did. I thought the defense played their tails off. I thought the pass rush was there. I thought we tackled well, thought our punter and kicker did well so it was a very good all around win.¡±Mullens completed 16 of 22 passes for 262 yards and three touchdowns as the 49ers cruised to a 34-3 victory over the Raiders. While Shanahan was thrilled with Mullens¡¯ performance, he also said it was a collective effort that enabled the team to do what it did Thursday night.¡°He did an awesome job today,¡± Shanahan said. ¡°The guys played real well around him. There¡¯s a lot on his plate coming in and being his first time in a real NFL game, non-preseason. Started off real well, was very poised, got the guys in and out of the huddle and did a hell of a job.¡°He didn¡¯t really know for sure whether he was going to start today until today and just the way he handled the two days of long walkthroughs and stuff, he¡¯s a machine in there and I was happy for him.¡±Mullens got the start because C.J. Beathard was injured in Sunday¡¯s loss to the Arizona Cardinals and had trouble sufficiently gripping a football this week in practice.¡°The main thing was whether C.J. could be the backup or not,¡± Shanahan said regarding how close Beathard was to being able to play Thursday night. ¡°Yesterday we had a pretty good idea that we were going to go with Nick. We just wanted to make sure that C.J. could be out there and at least be healthy enough to be the backup. So we had to go through that this morning with him. Once we confirmed that we were good to go.¡±With Mullens playing as well as he did Youth Lawrence Taylor Jerseys , it invites the question of why the 49ers didn¡¯t go to him sooner as they struggled to find victories following the loss of Jimmy Garoppolo to a knee injury in September. Shanahan said he believes Beathard would have been equally as successful with the way the 49ers played around their quarterback Thursday night.¡°Because I don¡¯t put all those struggles on just C.J.,¡± Shanahan said. ¡°I think people make a huge mistake saying if you win it¡¯s the quarterback. If you lose it¡¯s the quarterback. I mean, there¡¯s 11 guys on offense, 53 guys on our team. I thought our team had probably our best game of the year so far. That¡¯s nothing against C.J. I think C.J. would have played well tonight too if he played.¡± Running back shouldn¡¯t be a position of priority for the New York Giants. However, we should still be aware of the running backs in 2019 NFL Draft class. Both because the Giants might end of facing them in the 2019 season and because doing so will help us set an accurate board in advance of the draft.Oh, and because we¡¯re all football fans here, right? It isn¡¯t unusual to see highly rated running backs come out of Alabama, or LSU, or other major football powerhouses. It is somewhat more uncommon to have the young man who could be the top back in the draft comes from Iowa State. But that is exactly from where David Montgomery hails. And while he didn¡¯t get as much national recognition in college, he could very well known in the NFL.MeasurablesHeight: 5-foot 11 inches (listed)Weight: 216 pounds (listed) ProsIncredible contact balance. Very flexible through hips Lawrence Taylor Jerseys Stitched , knees, and ankles. Great use of subtle head and shoulder fakes to set up defenders.Good vision to set up and exploit blocks.Patient behind the line of scrimmage, good burst through the hole. Sudden out of cuts.Effective stiff arm and spin move to slip would-be tacklers. Capable receiver out of the backfield, used as a slot and wide receiver as well.Willing and capable pass protector. ConsGood acceleration, but doesn¡¯t have much top-end speed. Frequently used. 573 combined touches over the last two years. Occasionally looks too hard for a cut-back lane. Prospect VideoWhat They¡¯re Saying - CBS Sports Does He Fit The Giants?While Montgomery would fit the GIants¡¯ offensive scheme, they shouldn¡¯t invest the resources needed to acquire him in the running back position. That being said, Montgomery is a fun back to watch. He didn¡¯t have a great offensive line in college, but he still managed to be consistently productive on the ground and through the air. He isn¡¯t a burner by any means, and won¡¯t run away from most linebackers (let alone defensive backs). However, he does have enough burst out of his breaks to hold them off for a bit and make a race of it. But what makes Montgomery a particularly effective back is his absurd balance through contact. It is next to impossible for the first tackler to bring him down cleanly Womens Phil Simms Jersey , and he will run through or bounce off any attempt to shoulder check or arm tackle him. Watching Montgomery run, and his refusal to be brought down, is something like watching a slightly slower Marshawn Lynch in action. Helping to maximize that balance and strength, Montgomery is excellent at using quick, subtle fakes with his head and shoulder to get would-be tacklers to break down an instant too early, before hitting a gliding jump-cut to force a whiff. Montgomery will likely slip some in the draft after the NFL Scouting Combine. On the field he looks to be roughly a ¡°4.6¡± player. But like Arian Foster, his game is not predicated on speed and he doesn¡¯t need to burn up the field to turn small creases into big gains.



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